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Decadent Oatmeal, Without the Butter

Posted by Mary Ann P.

When I was growing up my mom always fixed oatmeal with brown sugar and a ton of butter and maybe a little cream. I still eat oatmeal regularly but in my effort to lose weight I've cut back on the butter and cream. But I still crave the taste of Mom's oatmeal. I tried different things but I think I've hit on the perfect solution. Add bananas! It not only makes your oatmeal sweet and creamy it adds 4 grams of fiber. I cook my oatmeal on top of the stove with the standard one cup of water to - cup oatmeal for most brands of quick oats. While my water is coming to a boil I slice a banana into the bottom of my bowl. I cook my oats for the prescribed one minute but instead of leaving them in the pot I pour them over the bananas. The oats are hot enough to cook them. This leaves the bananas soft and creamy and releases their sweetness. Do this and you won?t need to add anything else except maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon. Yummy. Read more about the health benefits of bananas at
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