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Death Rattle

Posted Sep 18 2011 1:07pm

I think that when I wrote this I was merely postponing the inevitable. At the time, I really did believe I could manage one blog post per month. And had I really tried, I would have succeeded. Instead, I’ve only posted twice since then, and one of those really doesn’t count, as it simply announced the winner of a giveaway.

The facts are these: I started blogging six years ago in China as a way to share my experiences with the folks back home.

I continued blogging because I liked to write. So it was that Soap & Chocolate was born, even though I didn’t set out to write about food.

But I ended up writing about food because I discovered other people’s food blogs. Those were art to me, and my life started imitating that art. It was cool. I liked it. A lot.

Soon enough food was all I could think about, for better or for worse. Recipe creation and food shopping occupied my thoughts. It was poor man’s therapy: a creative outlet I wanted and needed, but also basic sustenance. Win-win.

But to make a long story short, a funny thing happened once I became a group fitness teacher : I never felt like blogging. I forced myself every once in a while, just to avoid completely dead air here. I felt really guilty for abandoning something that gave me a lot of satisfaction at one time.

But that time was a different time, and the reality is that it’s ok if something else is scratching that creative itch. Even as I write this, I’m impatient for it to be over. I’d rather be working on choreography for the four (!) different class modalities I teach. Add to that the occasional dance workshops I’ll soon be leading, and I’ve got my hands full.

I barely cook anymore, anyway! Lately, a plate full of crudites with hummus and pita at 10pm constitutes many a dinner. And that’s fine with me. I’m content to be a blog reader rather than writer now. Basically, I can stop making all these excuses if I remove the reason: I won’t feel guilty for not blogging if I am no longer a blogger. I won’t delete it or anything—I want the archive here for my own purposes—but I don’t plan on posting anymore.

These days, I prefer to micro-blog on my Facebook page, LafFIToff with Diana . Sometimes it’s a great song, sometimes an inspirational quote/blog post, and yes, sometimes it’s food! I still eat. A lot. The Facebook platform just fits me better than a full-on blog right now. Click “Like” on that page to follow my updates. Or not!

But that’s all I have to say about that. Thank you for reading.


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