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Deanne's Morning Beauty Smoothie

Posted Oct 16 2008 7:58pm

Fortunately, the most important meal of the day also happens to be my favorite. In fact, I eat two breakfasts every day -- one when I rise and one mid morning. My husband says I'm like the Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings, who eat numerous meals throughout the day. I guess I just need a steady flow of nutrition, and in the morning, even more so.

My second breakfast is a smoothie loaded with nutrients, antioxidants and probiotics. While it's nourishing to the body, it's also a beauty elixir. Best of all it's delicious! It's made with kefir -- a cultured, enzyme-rich food filled with friendly micro-organisms. It's more nutritious and therapeutic than yogurt. It supplies vital minerals, valuable B vitamins, and all of the essential amino acids from protein, according to

I also add
blueberriesand other berries -- mighty antioxidants that fight those pesky free radicals. Blueberries are especially known to slow the aging process. The concoction is spiked with some concord grape juice for more antioxidant power. It's then infused with immunity-boostingcoconut oil or coconut cream concentrate (see recent post on this amazing healthy fat)and some ground flaxseeds for the numerous beauty and health benefits from the omega-3 fatty acids they supply.

Here's the specific recipe:

8 oz. plain Kefir (I prefer organic Helios)
2 oz. concord grape juice
1 cup frozen berries (heavy on the blueberries)
2 tsp agave nectar
1 tbsp coconut oil or coconut cream concentrate
2 tbsp flaxseed (freshly ground is better)

Mix the ingredients in a blender for about a minute or less. You may want to drink it with a straw so the berries don't stain your teeth
(see recent post on what to do if your teeth do get stained).It's really delicious, and a big glass a day does a body a lot of good. Cheers!

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