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Day two: Cameraless and Mourning

Posted Oct 15 2009 12:00am
by annenglish

Well, maybe mourning isn’t the right word, since i’ve just left it at my aunt’s and need to retrieve it.  Perhaps, “kicking myself repeatedly for not picking up my camera when I had a minute to do it last night” is a better way to put it.  I’m sure that nobody wants to read another pictureless post by me, so i’ll keep this short.  

I am beyond excited because today I had the PERFECT opportunity for next week’s Baby Steps to Body Love Challenge land right in my lap!!!  Lola Magazine, a magazine for women in their 20’s and 30’s, is having a 2 year anniversary party at a hot new Boston area restaurant and I will be in attendance(And the potential for swag is making my head spin a la Linda Blair in the Exorcist.  Figuratively.)!!!  So, what the heck is the challenge here?  Wait and see. I knew as soon as I saw the invite in my inbox exactly what needed to be done…i’ll reveal it on Sunday night. 

Last night i had the most simple and delicious dinner, which was perfect as I didn’t get to eat until uber late!  I took a whole wheat pita, put tzatziki, grilled chicken done with spray olive oil from Trader Joe’s, thyme and old bay on top, then layered avocado and tomato slices.  Ah, yes…i also had some soy mozzarella melted on top of the pita before adding the other ingredients.  *SIGH* If only I had my camera, I could convince you to try it- it was magnificent- and fast!!!  Now, if I could just figure out what to do with the five pounds of edamame in my freezer…

And yes, I did eat breakfast.  That’s two- count ‘em- TWO days of breakfast in a row!!!  Sweeeet.  I’m going for a record here.  Wonder if I can keep it up for tomorrow.  

I shall do my best to get my camera back so that I can provide my readers with delightful food porn and be a good little food blogger.  Happy almost Friday!


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