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Day 3 of Intermittent Fasting (but I’d rather call it delayed eating)

Posted Oct 26 2011 9:41pm

Thanks for all of your great comments on my post about trying out Intermittent Fasting! I appreciate your perspectives, and I completely agree that IF is not for everyone…in fact, I’m not actually recommending it to anyone yet. I’m just testing it out on myself!

Alison (who is my bloggie-neighbor) wrote a post about her own experience with IF a few months ago—and she also has a lot of really great references in her post, so I highly recommend checking it out!

I suppose I’ll share my experience so far, and then after this just write about it intermittently (that’s fitting, don’t you think?).

I actually started cutting down my eating time on Friday, but was eating early in the day instead of later. On Monday, I flipped it to afternoon/evening eating (so I had a snack on Sunday night to fill in the gap). As a result, technically, Fri, Sat, and Sun were prep days, and day 1 was Monday.

It was super easy on the weekend—I was in yoga teacher training all day, and had eaten a filling protein-rich breakfast.

On Monday, it wasn’t much of a problem to wait till 1pm to eat (and I worked out at noon). I had two cups of coffee in the morning with organic half and half (2 tbsp in each cup). I had plenty of energy for my workout, but only did 30 minutes of Ugi and sandbag exercises. I also took a walk that day.

On Tuesday, I had to wellness coach from 7:30-11:30 in Rochester so I was gone till about 1pm (I stopped at the grocery store). I was feeling kind of nauseous then, but I’m pretty sure that was from dehydration. I didn’t feel hungry at all. I did want to eat a horse once I began eating my lunch though—so I consciously slowed down. I didn’t work out before eating, but I did afterwards and that felt fine too.

Today, I wanted to eat as soon as I woke up at 6am, but it wasn’t hunger…just appetite. I had a cup of coffee and wanted to chew my arm off. Luckily (?) my Internet was acting up so I went to Starbucks to work for 3 hours…and magically when I was in a place where there was no food I would even consider eating, my appetite disappeared. I had a grande coffee with half and half though. At lunch time, I went home, ate first, and then went to the gym (I just didn’t want to wait till afterwards to eat—even though my plan was to wait). I’ll just say that it’s a good thing I had class tonight, because I’m pretty sure I would not have lost my appetite all evening. Once at school though, it disappeared (there’s no food there).

Maybe I was just distracted in S'bucks by trying to listen to this little guy talk to his mom. He was so cute I couldn't stop staring at him.

Overall, I feel pretty good. I have not checked my body fat or hydration yet (I feel like I only want to do that once a week). But my weight has fluctuated up and down up to four pounds over a three-four day span…just like it always does. I’m still in my “normal” range. My calorie intake is the same as it usually is, I’m just condensing the time in which I eat from 12 hours (or more) down to 4-8 hours (depending on the day).

I feel like I have some re-training of my appetite hormones to do, and I need to drink more water in the first half of the day and cut the coffee down. I think I’ll do it gradually since I’m not trying to restrict myself or make myself crazy.

I tried making a mac and cheese dish out of kelp noodles today…and it was a big fail! I just threw it all out, and ate salad with chicken instead. I’m trying to eat my “carb-y food” right before or after my workout (ideally after, but so far I’m not doing awesome on that). Note: my carb intake is pretty low–in my prior experiments I’ve learned to keep it that way so I can function at my best (clear skin is a benefit of that for me too!).

I’m loving this experiment—it’s fun, and if nothing else, it is an awareness tool! I’m tracking my intake in Sparkpeople, so over time maybe I’ll post some of the reports—but they’re not totally relevent to this since it’s really about time and not macronutrient intake. I’ll try and do a WIAW for next week and add times though, just to show you that I’m still eating like a normal person (or a normal person who doesn’t eat grains or much sugar).

Kelp Noodles=Yay. Kelp Noodle Mac and Cheese=Nay

I love this, but not as much as Ugi (yet). It feels clunkier ... which is partially the point, but it also makes for some interesting sore accessory muscles and you know I'm all about the soreness!! Right now, I have 2 ten-pound bags of rice in it...that feels like plenty.

This happened all of a sudden (maybe due to alllll the fine misty rain that's been going on). Is it really going to snow tomorrow?

Side note:

Supplements: Ultra Source of Life Multivitamin, SunChlorella, Vit D, Dr. Mercola’s Krill Oil

My goals for tomorrow:

  • Only one cup of coffee (I don’t really want to do this one so I might not if it feels restrictive)
  • Work out before I eat
  • Drink 20oz water in morning before workout
  • Make tomorrow’s ratio of fast:eat be 20:4
  • Keep my fat intake below 100g and my protein above 100g (this is unrelated to the IF, but it’s still a goal. Remind me sometime to talk about the research I’m reading regarding saturated fat and hormone balance)

Does your appetite come and go based on the availability of food? Your busy-ness?

Do you have any fitness or nutrition goals that you’re working on right now?

Do you take supplements? What and why?

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