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Day 1 Of 40 Day Juice Fast – 100% Commitment

Posted Dec 01 2011 6:58am

The first two days of starting a juice fast (read why I am doing this here ) are always the hardest, no matter how experienced you are. It’s a back and forth mental game of “am I committing to this, or am I not?”.

You can find every reason under the sun to NOT commit – a social event, not feeling prepared enough, tomorrow is a better day because I have more time/don’t need to go out/it’s my dog’s birthday. You get the idea.

Even the most experienced of fasters go through some level of this mental game. It can send you a bit crazy so it’s really important to have reminders, check ins and inspiration to support you as you move through your first few days. This is where sharing your commitment with loved ones, committing to yourself and even getting guided by a coach through the process will be unbelievably helpful.

Make a total 100% unwavering commitment – these are the words of a friend who is also fasting and they have stuck with me. It’s absolutely what is necessary to fast, even if only for one to two days (which is still amazing for your healing and a real achievement!).

Even if you slip up, make the 100% total unwavering commitment to go into this with your full intention to make this work. What you focus on expands so 100% commitment needs to be your focus. Thinking about how much you will fail at this (not that this is’s an experience not an achievement), and that will expand and probably become your reality.

It’s also important to make sure you drink enough juice so that you aren’t actually very hungry (at least not physically, you might be hungry emotionally and mentally…) and to be set up with enough produce or pre-made juice so that you can grab and go at a moment’s notice. I’m personally not so good at this but I definitely recommend it. It helps you to stay focused and committed.

There’s such a beautiful lightness and clarity that comes with consuming only juices. If you are new to eating clean and including lots of juices this can be extremely jarring at first.

This is why I would never recommend going into a fast without having live a clean wholefoods lifestyle for some months at least before hand. There’s not only a physical adjustment that occurs but a mental, emotional, energetic and even spiritual adjustment or awakening. This increases with time as you fast and can also be quite erratic at certain points as great shifts happen within your being.

For today, Day 1, I’ve enjoyed:

2L Lime-Ade

Lime Ade top thumb Day 1 Of 40 Day Juice Fast – 100% Commitment

2L Mexicana Green Juice

mexicana green juice top 2 irish thumb Day 1 Of 40 Day Juice Fast – 100% Commitment

3 cups of spring water

2 cups of strained vegetable broth made with ginger, broccoli, dulse, fennel and coriander

Herbal tea

For the first 7 days of this fast I’ll be sticking with very low sugar juices. After this I’ll include a small amount of fruit juices, mostly low sugar fruits like green apples. I’ll also add in a tablespoon of flax or hemp oil after 7 days for omega 3 fats.

I’ll be supporting the detoxification occurring through this fast in may ways which I’ll blog about in the coming days. Stay tuned for more on that.

Now it’s time for some work and then hopefully a relatively early night! You never know how you will sleep when fasting – it can be deeply and soundly or you can be so full of energy that you are wide awake. I’ll let you know tomorrow. wlEmoticon smile Day 1 Of 40 Day Juice Fast – 100% Commitment

Your Question: If you have fasted before, what day do you find the most challenging to stick with it?

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