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Day 1: Elimination and Detox Phase Starts Now

Posted Jan 04 2010 2:00am

The Challenge is Here!

Ok so here we go. We have our new 30 day challenge for you to take on. Are you ready?

Our goal is not just to help you lose weight, but to mostly create healthy lifestyle changes that will last. Consider this a 30 day transformation to get you ongoing results months and years down the road. Best of all….it’s free!

Toss Out the Scale

While weight loss is a goal for many and will mostly likely happen during the challenge, this is not our main focus. What does that mean? It means no more obsessing over some number on a scale. It means not looking for just a temporary or quick fix to our weight. It means that we are aiming to achieve a healthy lifestyle first (and the weight loss usually comes with it). Choose health first (in what you eat and do in your lifestyle) and your weight should not be a stressful factor from this point on.

So, for this challenge we seriously want you to put the scale in a closet or toss it out (like I did many years back). If you want to take a before and after weight reading for the 30 days, then go ahead and take your weight now and then put away the scale for the whole 30 days.

Better yet take a picture of yourself now. Use that to tell the difference down the road and not the scale. You should be able to see the results more clearly in pictures (and how your clothes fit) rather than some arbitrary number that doesn’t tell you much.

The 3 Phases

The 30 day challenge is split into 3 phases:

  • Phase I - Eliminate and Detox
  • Phase II - Reintroduce and Rebuild
  • Phase III - Adjust and Maintain

For the 30 days you will get a new post each Mon, Wed and Fri. Each post will contain a specific topic of the phase that we want you to focus on and an action to take.

Remember this challenge is about taking the steps needed to get you where you want to be. So from this point on your commitment and action is required, and the excuses are left behind.

Let’s get started!

Day 1 - Phase I Starts Now!

Phase I is all about elimination and detox. Elimination of the things that have crept into our lives little by little and can be a strain to our total health (allergenic, toxic, stressors). Once we can eliminate them, then we can allow the body to catch up on some much needed internal repair/healing/rebuilding.

This is not some Hollywood detox quick weight loss scam. This is about getting your body back in good health. After all if you want to burn fat more efficiently, then you are best to focus on having a healthy metabolism (including all the organs involved).

So below are the rules for the next 2 weeks. We eliminate all the things that stress our body for a short period of time and then focus on the healthy things to support turning things around.

Eliminate (Just Say No)

  • No sugars (even artificial sweeteners), no processed foods (including canned items, frozen dinners), no baked goods/desserts
  • No soda, diet soda, fruit drinks, coffee/espresso (cut out the high caffeine for 2 weeks, drink tea if you like though)
  • No fast food, no burgers, no hot dogs, no fried food, no deli meats
  • No alcohol (wine, liquor, beer)
  • No Dairy - milk, yogurt, cheese (allergenic, take time off to clear your gut/system)
  • No cereals, grains, breads, wheat (allergenic, take time off to clear your gut/system)
  • No vegetable oils (ditch the margarine and any veg oils for cooking)

Say Yes to:

  • Eat Real Foods only (real means in it’s original packaging and source, like an apple and not apple juice). This means such things are all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meats (beef-steak, chicken, fish-salmon/herring), eggs, nuts/seeds, healthy fats (butter, olive oil, coconut oil). If you need more lists then download and use our “real food” shopping list (click here)
  • Don’t worry about ratios of protein/carbs/fat, feeding windows (this means no “IF” right now) or counting calories
  • Drink water (and plenty of it), lemon in water, tea
  • Move/Exercise for 30 min a day (do something/anything to get the blood moving such as walk, jump rope, resistance bands, shadow-box, dance or whatever you enjoy)
  • Get to bed early and sleep 8 hours

So there you have it. Just for the next 2 weeks we eliminate all the things that can have a negative stress/impact (dairy, wheat, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods), and give our body some much needed time off. We will allow you to reintroduce things back in Phase II, but it is important for you to understand how eliminating some stressors may improve how you feel and look.

Task for Day 1: Clean Out the House

Time to go shopping for all the foods we want to eat in the next 2 weeks, and get rid of the foods that we do not (throw them out, put them in a box, hide them in the closet, give them away). You can not have bad influences laying around the house that you will see and only tempt you, they have to go!

So there are the rules, time to start today! Remember, that as part of your accountability you should come back after each task and leave your comment (in the posts) about what you completed today. Make it happen!

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