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Dark Skin and Scar Removal Home Remedies

Posted Mar 15 2010 3:51pm

Skin whitening is a very lucrative business. Some people go to extraordinary lengths to brighten and lighten the appearance of their skin. Skin bleaching creams can be quite unsafe and pretty expensive. However, there are quite a few herbal remedies that improve the complexion of skin. Try the following herbal skin lightening remedies to improve the appearance of your skin and to help lighten the appearance of scars.

• Make a paste of turmeric powder, gram flour and yogurt. Apply to the desired area. Wash off with warm water after 20 minutes or until the mask beings to flake off.
• Take a fresh potato slice and rub onto darkened area.
• Prepare a paste of skim milk powder, honey and lemon juice. Apply to the darkened area and remove after 15 minutes.
• Apply a paste of rose water and sandalwood and rose water daily to the affected area. This paste is traditionally applied daily.
• Mix together yogurt, freshly squeezed orange juice and the rind of the orange. Apply this mixture to the darkened area and leave on for 15-20 minutes.
• Apply lemon to the skin. This is said to brighten the appearance of the darkened area. Avoid sun exposure while this treatment is on.
• Apply equal parts of coconut water and cucumber juice. This mask is said to not only lighten the skin but cool down the affected area.
• Make a paste out of ground almonds, rosewater and milk. Apply to the desired area and leave on for 20 minutes.
• Mix together oatmeal, tomato juice and yogurt. Apply this mask to the darkened area and leave on for about 20 minutes.
• Rub coconut milk with a little bit of turmeric powder on your skin daily. Leave on for about 20 minutes and then wash off with warm water.
• Mash a handful of grapes, taking out the seeds. Apply the mashed grapes to the desired area. Grapes are said to brighten the skin.
• A traditional home remedy for skin lightening is making a paste from baking soda and water. Apply this paste to the skin after a shower.
• Apply a mixture of fresh tomato pulp and lemon juice. Apply this mixture to the skin and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.

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