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Dancing With the Stars Cardio Dance

Posted May 06 2010 12:02am

Dancing With the Stars Cardio Dance

Presents four ballroom dances as a cardio workout to shed pounds and tone the body.
Genre: Exercise/Fitness
Rating: NR
Release Date: 7-AUG-2007
Media Type: DVD

5 Stars Great tape
My dancing with the stars tape came in good time and it was in excellent shape.

its a work out for sure, thanks, linda

1 Star Not impressed…
I had high expectations with these series of DVDs when purchasing, but unfortunately they didn’t live up to the expectations. I am pretty quick to grasp moves, however if you have not been a professional dancer in the past, this is definately a video you will want to pass on. The dancers tell you what you are about to do, use a dance term (not ever fully explaining the move) and then jump right into it. I even set up a mirror to watch it so that I could move ‘with’ them (same step) and that didn’t help. It is entirely too fast paced to try and keep up and half the time didn’t even know what move we were supposed to be following. I’ve paused the DVD for a moment to come and write this review as I am entirely dissapointed with the purchase. I bought two and it’s too late to return them, otherwise I would do so – it is a waste of money, especially since they will only be used once.

3 Stars Be careful if you’re older or overweight
Although this is billed as a fat-burning workout, it is really aimed at younger, slimmer people. I’ve only tried the swing segment so far, and it has a lot of steps that involve hopping on one leg for several beats, which is really hard to do if you’re overweight. The dance moves look like fun and I’m sure this video is great if you can manage them, but most of them are a bit beyond me. If you can do them, I’m sure that you’ll love it, but I found it disappointing.

3 Stars Way too fast
I agree with the other reviewers – the steps went to quickly and were never explained well. However, I did find the steps fun, and its overall its a great workout. I think if you watch it a few times and do as many of the steps as you can you will eventually get the hang of it. I will certainly use this tape again – I felt the “Workout” in my buns and thighs for two days afterwards!!

5 Stars Perfect For Me…and Anyone Else Seriously Overweight!
Before I start my review, I want to make it very clear: IF YOU ARE GOING TO START AN EXERCISE PROGRAM, IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR *PRIOR* TO STARTING! Any type of exercise that gets your heart going is causing stress on your body and only your doctor can ensure there isn’t something waiting in the wings to trip you up.

With that out of the way, I’ll tell you why this DVD worked so well for me. I’ve had very sedentary jobs all my life. I grew up in the 60s when fast food become all the rage in a family that didn’t find exercise to be important enough to become a daily or even weekly part of our lives. I remember exercising with my mother when I was 5. Once. A year ago I was 100 lbs. overweight. Within that year I gained 70 more. 100 is morbidly obese. Add 70 on top of that? Bending your leg is an issue. I say this because I know there are people out there like me who start an exercise DVD and just laugh all the way through to the end because their bodies just don’t bend or move the way the people in the DVD do. They never use overweight people in those things, consequently they have no idea what our limitations are. This makes most exercise DVDs useless to the morbidly obese – the sector who need them most.

I love to watch “Dancing With The Stars.” I like dance even though I tried to learn to ballroom dance once and it became very clear very quickly that I can’t be lead. It’s artistic and creative and the people on the show are funny and passionate and for the most part good to one another. They champion one another. I like the people on the show, so I invited them into my home to address another issue – my weight loss.

I will say, I’ve tried other weight loss videos/DVDs. When you get completely lost, there is no jumping back into those routines led by drill sergeant pros. The best thing about THIS DVD is you don’t really HAVE to get lost. The beginning routines are easy and from a person with lots of weight to move around (and a recovering left calf muscle with a BAD pull to it) I found myself easily able to still get a workout even though I didn’t do the steps exactly (Paso Doble FTW!). It was fun and I found myself learning a few more steps every time I did it. Keep in mind, I don’t do the Jive yet because of my pulled muscle. The Bonus Challenge was more fun to watch until I’ve lost enough weight to move more quickly. Think of it as a Special Feature instead of something to do right away.

I like that there are three dancers. Ashly, Kym and Maksim took turns leading the group. It’s interesting watching their different styles. I found I could do some arm movements, hip shaking and basic dance steps even with my bum leg.

More importantly, the best part of this video is that you don’t have to be in stellar shape to begin. The Paso Doble is a great way for a REALLY large person to simply start. You don’t need to do every movement exactly the same way as the people on screen (I couldn’t do lunges way down due to my calf muscle, but I could lean in that direction). I found my body getting a healthy cardio workout (because I was warm all over) with just the basic movements. Since Paso is a lot about posture, you can use a lot of energy trying to hold a strong chest and squeeze your butt muscles in.

If you’re someone who can keep up with a new cardio routine at a gym, you might not get the same thrill as someone who loves the show and the personalities on it. For the rest of us who DO love the show and the banter between the dancers, this is a great video that allows you to learn very basic moves. It will keep your heart pumping. Don’t make demands on yourself to know every step by the end of the video. The fun is being able to get that new step at the next viewing. Remember, your DVD remote has reverse, pause and stop buttons. If you get frustrated because you DO want to know every step, use them until you are comfortable that you’ve got the step down and enjoy the rest of the video.

You have to *want* to exercise. You can’t force yourself to. If you’ve ever seen “Dancing With The Stars,” this DVD is a really fun way to learn a little ballroom AND get some good exercise in too. For the price, I highly recommend it to any “Dancing With The Stars” fan, whether you want to take off pounds or not. Learning the ballroom steps was fun.

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