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Damage Control for Bad Eating

Posted by Nirmala N.

Sure, it's easy to slip up when it comes to diets or even that intangible promise we make to ourselves to "start eating better." Having that extra dessert, splurging on cocktails at happy hour, and skipping breakfast are just some of the ways we indulge unhealthy eating habits. But according to experts, damage control is simple, and making up for those bad choices just means taking a few extra steps.

1) If you know your Friday night dinner is gonna consist of margaritas, gin-and-tonics, and unhealthy happy-hour favorites (like nachos), stock up on nutrients during the day. Fiber-rich snacks, low-calorie soups or salads, and protein (like a handful of nuts) will help to slow the absorption of alcohol and will keep you from binge-eating. Also, space things out while you drink; after one alcoholic drink, order something non-alcoholic. The best low-cal alcoholic drinks include red wine, light beer, sake, and rum with diet cola.

2) If you're too busy to eat breakfast, at least drink something. A single serving of low-fat soy milk contains 30 percent of the daily value for bone-building calcium and vitamin D.

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