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Cut some calories...the easy way!

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:05pm

Everyone is looking to cut a couple of calories here and there right? So what if you could do it and not even really notice? While looking aroundSHAPE.comI found these tips and thought that I would share them. They are quick and easy and will save you some serious calories (100+).

  1. Add the olive oil last– Try steaming your veges first and then drizzling olive oil over them after they are finished cooking. Some vegetables, especially eggplant, soak up all of the oil and you will have to continually add more. *Also another good tip is cooking your veges in low sodium chicken broth, it adds very few calories, but adds flavor.

  2. Lighten up your juice– When you want to have a glass of juice, be careful because of all the calories and sugar. Try using equal parts juice and sparkling water, which will lower your calorie AND sugar count.

  3. Making “skinny” mash potatoes– Use a half cup low sodium chicken broth for every 3 pounds of potatoes instead of butter or cream. If you still want that butter flavor put a small amount on top.

  4. Trade in your wine glass– Try using a champagne flute for your glass of wine. You are forced to have a portion controlled glass of wine (about 5 onces) rather than 8 or 9 ounces.

  5. Downsize your baked goods– I LOVE muffins – but instead of making 6 HUGE muffins, use the 12 slotted muffin pan. Also you can swap ½ cup of oil for ½ cup applesauce. It will still have the moist consistency and save you major calories.

  6. Get sandwich savy– that tuna sandwich may be setting you back 700 calories. Try whole wheat bread with turkey and just a touch of mayo (or even better MUSTARD). Skip the soda and try some baked chips.

  7. Take your own popcorn to the movies– A medium container (without the butter) at the movies will set you back about 900 calories. Take your favorite 100 calorie pack popcorn and you will be more than satisfied. You will save 800 calories and a couple of bucks!

My favorites out of these tips are number 1,5, and 7!

Try these tips and your jeans just may be a bit looser at the end of the week! (great pic at the top right??)

Check out the full articleright here!

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