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Culprit Carbs May Cause Fatty Liver, Study Finds

Posted Dec 18 2008 7:34pm

Did you hear about the recent study from scientists at Children's Hospital Boston, which reveals that fast-acting, rapidly digested carbohydrates may cause fatty liver disease and that this condition could lead to to liver failure and death?

You can read about this scary phenomenon on BBC News, Yahoo! News, the press release and in the September issue of Obesity.

In addition, I invite you to catch my interview this week on Stop SUGAR SHOCK! Radio with acclaimed epidemiologist and children's obesity expert David Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D., leader of the research project.

Dr. Ludwig warns you that if you -- like most Americans -- eat a diet that's high in those rapidly digested carbs, you, too, could become one of millions suffering from this entirely unnecessary condition.

Of course, as readers of this SUGAR SHOCK! Blog know, by quick-burning carbs, I mean cookies, cakes, most prepared cereals and other sugary foods, as well was white bread, chips, white rice, etc. or other "culprit carbs," as I dub them.

Listen to Dr. Ludwig warn about how fatty liver is a byproduct of the obesity epidemic and it may be preventable and treatable through dietary changes.

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