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Creating a plan for grocery shopping

Posted Apr 30 2008 11:01pm


It can be overwhelming entering into a supermarket and figuring out what foods you should be buying. Having a plan will make your life easier. You will learn how to create a solid structure for your diet and have the ability to shop for any type of food with the assurance of getting all your nutritional requirements.

Create a hierarchy for foods.

1.) Water
2.) Protein
3.) Fat
4.) Carbohydrates

Water: Most waters are chemically treated despite having titles that may lead some consumers to believe it is directly from a fresh water source. The only water that is 100% pure of chemicals and minerals is distilled water. There are many false theories that distilled water is unhealthy and leaches the body of nutrients and calcium. Completely ridiculous !! You should not be relying on water for your daily supply of nutrition and the little nutrition that is in water is so inconsequential that it won’t make a difference whether it is there or not.

Protein: There are lots of different foods for protein. The optimum source comes from animals. Plant based proteins are incomplete and are not significant when it comes to cellular growth.

Fats: Fatty foods are excellent snacks and should be plant based. When buying good fatty foods always remember the best fats are from natural sources. French fries, potato chips and processed meats or cakes are not natural and toxic to the system. You should actively look for, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Your protein sources will contain saturated fats which should not cause panic or alarm. Saturated fats are needed in the body but are given a bad name because they take longer than mono or poly fats to become metabolized. At the end of the day you are eating fat and having a good balance of any fat is extremely helpful as your body will use it for fuel throughout the day as well as the night time while you sleep, so don’t be afraid of natural fats, just avoid transverse fats and any fat that has been heated through cooking. (some fat is needed as an anti adhesive for cooking and that is completely acceptable, but excessive amounts are severely detrimental to your health.

Carbohydrates: Carbs make excellent snacks and side dishes. There are 3 different types of carbs which you should be thinking about when making your next purchases.

1.) Simple


2.) Complex


3.) Fibrous


* It is highly recommended that you combine Carbs with an animal protein source even if you are just drinking milk with a piece of fruit, carbs compliment proteins well.


Besides water each liquid you drink should serve a purpose. Organic lactose free milk provides protein and potassium.


Finally, be adventurous, try different natural and organic foods like coconuts, papaya’s, kiwi’s, whole grain foods, etc. You never know what you might stumble upon and find appealing until you eat different things.

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