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Create a Radiantly Healthy Summer with these Seven Exquisite Self-Care Tips

Posted Jul 23 2013 2:00pm
Happy woman in Summer setting

Summer is a magical time of relaxed schedules, travel, and fun.  Most of us look forward to longer days, warmer weather, and vacationing to other parts of the world as we enter the season of “fun in the sun”.

Summer is also the perfect time to focus on a renewed commitment to your health and well-being.  Fresh, living foods are usually in abundance.  There are warm, sunny days for picnics and outdoor activities.  And there are the unique sounds of nature and beautiful sunsets that create songs of serenity and cultivate a spirit of solitude. 

This summer is one of massive transition for me as I lovingly release my life as it has been for 30 years, and say hello to an exciting and beautiful new chapter.  As such, I’ve developed these exquisite self-care practices to support my transformation in a powerful way.  But you don’t have to be going through a big change to embrace a higher level of self-care this summer.  If you practice these self-care tips you’ll find a renewed sense of well-being in your body, your soul, and your spirit and you too can make this summer your healthiest yet!

1)    Create morning and evening rituals that support you.  This can be as simple as creating a 15 minute morning ritual of stretching while listening to meditative music, or developing practices that go deeper such as spending the first 30 minutes of your day in prayer and meditation, then another 30 minutes of yoga.  Create your rituals and hold them as a sacred part of your day.

2)    Cultivate authentic self-esteem.  By authentic I mean the self-esteem that comes from the inside of you, not the false self-esteem that comes from outward expressions such as buying things you don’t really need to get the “high” from shopping, or turning to the refrigerator to numb your feelings of low self-worth.  These activities don’t support you in the long run, where cultivating the inner qualities of integrity, becoming your own best friend, and setting healthy boundaries in relationships will give you a true and lasting sense of self-esteem.

3)    Eat fresh, in season, and local food as much as possible.  If you have a farmers market, take advantage of getting to know your local farmers.  Create a sense of adventure around shopping, trying all the different kinds of fruits and vegetables your local market offers.  This is such a win-win for both you and for the local farmers and will support your healthy lifestyle in such an incredible way.

4)    Explore raw food living in new ways.  Spend time in the kitchen trying new raw food recipes.  Subscribe to a new raw food magazine or start attending a local raw food meet up group in your area.  Give yourself the gift of expanding your knowledge of raw food and how it can radically change your health and your life.

5)    Spend time feeding your body and soul with fresh air and sunshine.  Summer is the perfect time to create fun activities in the outdoors.  Rediscover the lost art of child-likeness by going on a picnic, riding a bike, or spending time at a park.  Allow your skin to soak in the energy from the sun and breathe the fresh air.

6)    Nourish yourself with healthy, chemical free skincare.  Be aware of the ingredients in products that are harmful to your health and replace those items with pure, plant-based skincare.

7)    Discover what your body can do.  Summer is the perfect time to try new ways to move your beautiful body.  Most gyms and studios offer specials during the summer so do some research around the local yoga and Pilates studios in your area.  Or if you love to dance sign up for ballroom dancing lessons.  Step out of your routine and try new forms of exercise.

Remember, each day we wake up is yet another gift, and a chance for us to make fresh starts in whatever area of our lives we want to change.  Enjoy the journey of exquisite self-care and make this summer one you’ll never forget!

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