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Creamy Dreamy Sweet Basil Almond Sauce mmmmmmmmmmm

Posted Oct 21 2009 10:09pm
Yum yum yum. That's right, guys. No hello today, just lots of "yum". Ok, ok, so I'll start over now...

Hi everyone!!

How you all doing? :)

So when I got in last night, I happened to have a great big fat jar of creamy raw almond butter waiting for me from the US. A friend from the US had it shipped to me for my birthday because they love it so much. You have to love friends like that! As you can imagine, I was grinning from ear to ear and couldn't wait to put it to some tasty use today. I decided to have an early dinner tonight as I want an extra early night after staying up working until very late last night. Of course, the feature ingredient had to be my shiny jar of almond butter (no, not all the jar...I'm not so into eating glass). I decided to create a thick and creamy sauce that could be used in a plethora of different ways and that could be easily adjusted to suit your varying palettes and moods. This tasty baby is what I came up with....

Creamy Dreamy Sweet Basil Almond Sauce
Yields 2/3 cup

2 heaping tablespoons raw almond butter
Juice of 1 lemon
3 tablespoons of water
1/2 cup fresh basil (or 2 heaping tablespoons of dried basil)
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1/2 inch ginger, finely chopped
4 drops of stevia
Sea salt to taste
Optional: pinch cayenne pepper or chilli powder

You can make this the ultra lazy way like I did, and that is to just put all the ingredients in a bowl or cup and mix together until well combined. Or you can throw all the ingredients in a blender if you want a super smooth consistency. If you choose the blender option, you shouldn't need to chop up the ginger and garlic, just throw in the full pieces (unless you have a very weak blender). Here's my hand-stirred sauce:

You could use no water at all if you want a really thick dipping sauce for chopped veggies, to put into nori rolls or spread on cabbage or lettuce leaves (baby cos tastes fabulous dipped into this sauce!), or use more water to make a thinner consistency to spread liberally over baby greens in a big salad. I used the amount of water stated in the recipe above and massaged the sauce into a big bowl of kelp noodles (more delicious recipes  here and here ). I then added some chopped red capsicum, a few herbed black olives, some more dried basil, chopped cucumber, and a big handful of baby lettuce leaves. This was the oh-so-creamy and delicious result (sorry guys, I promise I'll get a camera that takes good photos soon!):

So easy, so versatile, so delish! Get stirring, friends!

P.S. Wondering what's in the vase behind the noodles? These stunning flowers I got delievered to my front door for my birthday, that's what! Thanks Si, Sal and Caity!

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