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Craving pinapple at 4:00 in the morning

Posted by Lorien H.

So it's 4:12AM here in San Francisco and I can't sleep. I have been eating a diet that consists of about 60% raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts) for a few months now, and it is becoming increasingly harder to eat cooked food. Today I ate almost ALL cooked food, including a big veggie burger with cheese from the Burger Joint (one of my favorite restaurants in the mission) and I really feel the difference. I haven't been able to fall asleep at all, and finally I realized that I am REALLY HUNGRY. It's like my body is completely deprived of nutrients, and all I can think about is fresh juicy pineapple. I found some radishes and pinenuts in the fridge that are somewhat tiding me over, but really I just can't wait till the market is open so I can chow down on loads of fresh juicy fruit.

But, to get some good out of the situation, it is really showing me how important raw fruits and veggies are for my health (and sleep). It's not practical for me to go 100% raw as I am in a relationship with somebody who is not interested in raw foods, and who I do sometimes like to share a meal with. Also I love veggie burgers and indian food and feel strongly that life without peanut m&m's is not worth living. But I have learned not to go a whole day without fresh food. One cooked meal is ok, but I'd better have some fruit for breakfast and a green salad for lunch or dinner. I'd ultimately like to get to a diet that is almost all raw, with the exception of one or two meals a week of delicious semi-healthy restaurant cooked food.

Speaking of being in a relationship with somebody who is not into raw foods - I frequently worry about not annoying him with my new habits because he really isn't interested, and has accused me on more than one occasion of making our relationship more difficult by having an unusual diet. I've accepted this for the most part until now, because it is unusual to eat all raw foods. However, I now realize that we are two people in this relationship, and it doesn't really matter what most people eat - if I want to do this then he needs to bend also to make the relationship work. If he doesn't want to eat raw foods then at least he can refrain from complaining when I do.

I'd love to talk to other people who are going (or have gone) raw and hear how they cope in a mostly cooked world.

BTW, for those in the San Francisco area Rainbow grocery has a wonderful selection of raw foods including raw macadamia nuts. Yummm.

And now I will try to go to sleep.

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You are probably having trouble sleeping because eating a heavy meal, such as a veggie burger, can sit heavy in your stomach. Your body is trying to break it down, thus your body is active and has energy - not conducive for sleeping. Also, your body is use to eating raw foods and suddenly eating a veggie burger is kind of a shock. As for your boyfriend, it really shouldn't matter what you eat - that shouldn't affect your relationship. I have a boyfriend that is willing to eat frozen food and junk, where I am not. I opt for a salad or pasta, but we still enjoy dinner together.
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