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Could Sugar Be Making You Moody, Depressed, Anxious? Courier News in Suburban Chicago Explores Idea

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:13pm

Do you get downright moody, irrational and erratic after eating sugar?

Are you finding yourself behaving strangely afterwards -- like perhaps you cry on end for seemingly no reason or lose your temper for no rational explanation?

Or, maybe, within an an hour to three days after chomping on a handful of cookies and candies, do you get inexplicably irritable, unfocused, depressed and crybabyish -- so much so that your loved ones seem to be hiding out from you?

Emily_mcfarlan Kudos to reporter Emily McFarlan for exploring this concept today (Sun., Jan. 6) in her lifestyle cover article, " Sugar rush: Can too much sugar alter your mood or is it a bunch of sweet nothing?,", which appears in The Courier News in suburban Chicago.

(The newspaper in which Emily's article appears is part of The Sun-Times News Group, whose media properties include the Chicago Sun-Times and, as well as newspapers and websites serving 120 communities across Chicago.)

It's thrilling to me when reporters become so intrigued by an idea that they'll write compelling newspaper articles about this subject. That's because journalists people such as Emily can play a very important role in waking up readers and getting them to wonder if their sugar habit could be to blame for their mood swings, hyperactivity, mental confusion and more.

We definitely need more astute, probing journalists like Emily to educate the public and urge their fans to learn the sour sugar news and seek help for their strange-on-sugar behavior.

Before you read Emily's wonderful story, let me leave you with one thought. Aren't crankiness, anxiety, lethargy and anger enough reasons to want to quit the sweet stuff?

What's more, bear in mind that if you keep piling on the pasta, swigging sodas galore and frequently chewing cookies, you could be paving the way for hypoglycemia, type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease and premature aging.

Now do you want to think about kicking the potentially poisonous substance?

If you'd like help kicking culprit curbs, tune in this Thursday night, Jan. 10 at 8 p.m. EST to my free Stop SUGAR SHOCK! Radio Show for a special, 1 1/2-hour interactive program, when a couple of experts and I will shed light on sugar's dangers. We have all kinds of exciting things planned:
  • You'll hear from a couple of successful "sugar kickers," who now find that life has improved just by cutting out sweets and refined carbs.
  • You'll have a chance to ask your questions.
  • And you'll get to learn about my modest-priced, money-back-guaranteed upcoming six-week, Break Free With Connie program to Stop SUGAR SHHOCK!

On Thursday, tune in here. To ask a question between 8 p.m. EST to 9 p.m. EST, dial (646) 716-7312. (You also can listen now to archived shows, especially Saturday's eye-opening, fast-paced show, which featured a number of exciting guests.)

Now read Emily McFarlan's provocative article in The Courier News in suburban Chicago.

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