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Could Antidepressant Drugs Have Played an Unwitting Role in the Awful Virginia Tech Shootings? See The Opinion Piece By Mike Ada

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:10pm

Art_adamsshouldertopbw150 The often thoughful, provocative, anti-Pharma Mike Adams, editor of the popular website, posits an intriguing idea about what may have gone on with Cho Seung-Hui, which may have led him to go on a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech.

In an e-mail designed to drum up interest in his intriguing -- and sure to be controversial -- opinion piece, Mike (seen to the left) points out that "the shooter in the Virginia Tech rampage was taking antidepressant drugs."

He continues. "And guess what? So were the shooters at Colombine High eight years ago."

Now that's downright scary and startling to contemplate. Could antidepressant drugs, which are supposed to help lift up your moods -- in some cases -- bring down the moods of the drug takers -- and possibly even make them downright homicidal, too?

Mike presents a compelling argument for his case that "there seems to be quite a pattern linking the consumption of antidepressant drugs and extreme violence against others."

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