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Cookies for Breakfast?!

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:18pm

Oh thats right, I went there. I slept in a little today and decided to go to the gym around 8am. For some reason, they don't have the E! channel anymore! I love going and watching E! News at that time! Ok...enough complaining. I was looking for something a little different to eat before the gym (other than my Kashi H2H) and waht do you know? There were my healthy samoas! I decided to have one before the gym, there's a reason to get out of bed in the morning!

Gym this morning was empty as usual this time in the morning.

I did:

8 Min StairMaster (just didn't have 10min in me this morning)

Various abs

Various arms

30 Min Elliptical

On my way home I remembered that Rob and I were out of bananas and I can't imagine a day without them, so I stopped by the store and picked a few up :)

Last night was way fun. Its always fun to see people you work with, not in work. I work with a great group of women and will miss seeing them everyday over the summer! Food was great, I grazed a little (ok, maybe not a little) and had 1 small frozen margarita and a seltzer w/ lime. Then desert came out...I had some mixed berries and a small pieced of chocolate cake. I just couldn't resist, chocolate cake is my secret addiction, well, its not so secret ;) Everyone liked my healthy samoas too! :)

My plate:

avocado salsa & a few tortilla chips

spinach dip and pumpernickel bread

cheddar cheese and pepperoni

grilled veggies!

baked brie

1 stuffed mushroom (not pictured)

1 spinach ball (not pictured)

The table with all the delicious food and drinks!

Desert Table. I wanted to try it all, but I was stuffed by the time desert came around.

I'm still waiting a little bit longer for breakfast and making it into more of a brunch. Oatmeal again today :) I can safely say that it is now taking priority over waffles, ahh!

Headed upstate this weekend and not sure how much I'll be at a computer. Bachelorette party!! Not mine obviously ha. I'll have plenty of pics!!

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