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Cook This Not That Kitchen Survival Guide

Posted Nov 10 2010 10:07am

Cook This Not That Kitchen Survival Guide

Did you know the average dinner from a chain restaurant costs nearly $35 a person and contains more than 1 200 calories? That?s hard on your wallet and your waistline and few people understand this better than the authors of Eat This Not That! After years of helping consumers navigate America?s daunting culinary landscape ? and literally thousands of weight-loss success stories ? Dave and Matt have finally turned their nutritional savvy to the place with the greatest impact ? your kitchen. The hundreds of recipes contained inside this book will help you and your loved ones eliminate body fat get in shape and lead fitter happier lives.But make no mistake ? this is no rice-and-tofu cookbook. The genius of Cook This Not That! is that it teaches you how to save hundreds ? sometimes thousands ? of calories by recreating America?s most popular restaurant dishes including Outback Steakhouse?s Roasted Filet with Port Wine Sauce Uno Chicago Grill?s Individual Deep Dish Pizza and Chili?s Fire Grilled Chicken Fajita.Alongside this you?ll find other priceless advice such as: The 37 Ways to Cook a Chicken Breast A Dozen 10-Minute Pasta Sauces The Ultimate Sandwich Matrix and other on-the-go cooking tips. Scorecards that let you easily compare the nutritional quality of the carbohydrates fats and proteins that go into building every meal you eat. The truth about how seemingly healthy foods such as wheat bread salmon and low-fat snacks are secretly sabotaging your health.

4 Stars Great information and great cook book !
I read mixed reviews so was skeptical of buying this. But when I received this I read it through and saw many recipes that looked good and were indeed healthy! I read over all of the nutrition content as well. Yes some of the alternatives are still high in fat or carbs but YOU can change that with your alternative low fat ingredients, etc. They are simply showing you that you can get good taste (eg most people think it tastes better if it has fat in it) but have food which is lower than restaurants serve. This definitely shows you better dishes than the restaurant comparisons. I made quite a few of the recipes and they are very good AND QUICK! I recommend this for those who eat out a lot so you know what is in the horrible hidden numbers you get at a restaurant. The restaurant numbers kind of make me angry that they are so totally unhealthy! Wont stop me from going to restaurants, but now I know to fear restaurant sauces…which are usually loaded with sodium and fat in scarey numbers!

3 Stars Deficient
Although I like the book’s comparison of products at the beginning, I found that the author did not carry that through the book. No recipe gives you the amount of fiber or carbohydrates. Additionally, most oof the main meals don’t pair a vegetable(s) with the dish, so the amount of calories is somewhat misleading, unless you are just having the main dish. And does anyone really count Mac and Cheese as a main course? And what about the hot dogs? The recipe doesn’t even call for kosher hot dogs so at least you would know you were getting all beef, and not a lot of parts from different animals. I can’t remember the last time I served hot dogs as my main course. Maybe when my daughter was five.

The only recipes that pair a vegetable with it are the pasta dishes, Pesto Gnocchi and Loaded Alfredo. True, the Shrimp and Grits, the Salmonh have asparagus and mushrooms, but it still seems inadequate. I can’t help but wonder with all the bacon, eggs, and beef, how heart healthy these dishes are.

Further, more time seems to be devoted to snacks and appetizers than to dinner. The side dishes are woefully inadequate. There are only 11 recipes, and many of them my child won’t eat. Where is a recipe for broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, or a simple side salad? In fact, I don’t really count chips or baked beans as an adequate vegetable for dinner. Even potato salad seems to be more for lunch or a barbecue than a regular dinner. As for lunch, I think nine of the 13 have hamburger, bacon, lamb or beef and about half are some type of beef burger including the meatloaf sandwich, the patty melt and the cheesestek sandwich.

I think the breakfast is the best part of the book, which is why I gave it three stars.

5 Stars love it!
very informational book. gives a lot of info on food at restaurants and then gives you a recipe to make it yourself and do it healthier. Plus it has lots of little facts about cooking. love this book!

5 Stars very very nice!
This book is also good for a cooking novice like me! I am usually a type of person that eats out all the time, and eating out has caused me to increase weight. I am starting tomorrow with hearb roast chicken recipe that looks so simple to make. There are plenty of recipes from slow cooker to super fast meals. And I love the motivational beginning. I already made a meal plan for the rest of the week. The foods are definitely all family friendly that everyone can enjoy.

4 Stars Cook this not that
The book basically tells you how to cook something that is similar to restaurant food only modifies the ingredients to healthier ones. It also tells you what foods are good for you and provides lots of information on what is best for your health and what is bad for your health………..I liked it……..

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