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Control food cravings and temptations

Posted Apr 15 2010 9:00am


Food cravings and temptations can truly become your downfall if you don’t learn how to control them. I know, it’s much easier said than done, but taking control over your food cravings and temptations can actually be something you learn in time if you are armed with the right tips.

If you’ve been wanting to lose weight yet you feel that in order to do so you first need to conquer your cravings then this article will share with you 5 tested and proven ways to get your mind off the tempting food. Read on to give yourself the edge on your cravings so you are free to lose weight.

Conquer your cravings with these easy tips:

1. Take a walk: Research from the University of Exeter shows that when participants were tempted with their favourite food it took them 15 minutes of walking to distract their mind away from the temptation. It might be harder to take a 15 minute walk when working in an office, but the idea is that maybe if you distract yourself, then you’ll forget about your sudden craving.

2. Turn your craving into something healthy: Depriving yourself from your craving will make your body want it even more. If you have a craving for a specific cheat food, have a bit of it and make sure that for the rest of the day you eat plenty of healthy foods! Also, if you train yourself to keeping your cheat foods to 10% of your food intake, then you’ll start reserving your cheat foods as a weekend treat.

3. Don’t bring it home: I have a long list of my craved foods, but I make it hard for me to indulge in them. I go to my favourite pastry shops to buy my desserts and I wait to eat out to enjoy deep fried calamari or French fries or sweet potato fries. There are the types of foods I don’t make at home and I don’t buy them and bring them home (desserts are the rate exception to this rule). If you know your cravings are cookies, don’t have a drawer packed with your favourite cookies … it’s just shooting yourself in the foot.

4. Smell peppermint? A university study showed that people who sniffed peppermint throughout the day were able to avoid their cravings and cut their overall calorie consumption for the week by 2,800 calories. That seems quite incredible and it may just be another way of retraining your mind. I guess this is sort of natural NLP practice where you replace one thought with another in order to get away from the negative thought … in this case … your favourite cheat food.

5. Refresh your taste buds: Many people find that after a meal they start craving something sweet. By ending your meal with a salad, you refresh your taste buds and just that change in alkaline in your mouth can help curb your desire for a sweet dessert.

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