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Posted Aug 07 2009 12:06pm

 By Marie Dufour, RD – I have to admit that, like 60% of the US population, I have my own battles with weight control. Not that I’m ready to write the “Confessions of a Fat Nutritionist,” but I can relate to my readers who complain not to be motivated into weight loss. Here are some of the reasons and excuses I’ve been fielding out.

- DENIAL“I don’t need to lose weight.” There is a point when one is so accustomed to an oversize waistline that it no longer matters. There is an acceptance of the body appearance, yet an inner conflict.

            Forget about the outside appearance, for a moment. What goes on inside the body? Do we have high cholesterol, elevated blood sugar, a little bit of high blood pressure, and some nagging indigestion? Is it hard to go up the stairs or run after the kids? Forget about losing weight. Concentrate on making healthier food choices and improving endurance to motion.

- ANXIETY -“I don’t know if I can.” The pressure to succeed is enormous in our society and the fear of failure may squash us into immobility. On the other hand, the fear of success is just as paralyzing. What if we actually lost weight, what will the friends and family say? Forget about them.

         This is about you and you alone. Have you once in your life been surprised by your own achievement? Hit a home run? Learned a foreign language or musical instrument? Got the promotion you worked for? Found the right companion? If you had one success once in your life, you can succeed again.

– LOSS - Are we attached to that little tire around our belly like a child to his Teddy bear? Does it keep us company when we sit on the couch watching TV? Does it shield us physically and emotionally from the rest of the world? You bet! And losing that fatty-comfy belly is a loss to acknowledge. And it’s a loss to celebrate.

         Nothing tickles me more (figuratively and literally) than the little blue tailor’s tape measure I wrap around my waist on Monday mornings to make sure that the little tire stays way below the 31″ mark.

Before making any lifestyle change decision, it is important to contemplate the feelings associated with the current situation and the possible gains (and losses) to be harvested with the changes you want to make. Losing weight is not about losing weight; it’s about EVERYTHING ELSE… think about it!    Contemplate

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