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Consequences: A Road Map for Success

Posted Apr 18 2011 7:00am

Today we continue speaking about the 4C's. What are the 4 C's? They are simply Consistency, Communication, Clarity and Consequences. If you haven't read the meaning of the first 3 be sure to go back on the site and read them and apply them. Today we focus on creating a road map for success for you and your family as well as co-workers or business partners with Consequences.

Let's face it, everywhere we look there are rules and boundaries. In order to succeed in life in general we must be aware of such rules, and boundaries and if we falter we must accept the consequences. Unfortunately many parents make the mistake of not providing clear and concise rules and boundaries in their homes so the consequences are non-existent. In order to create a healthy and stable foundation in our family relationships, rules and boundaries must be communicated. Of course this process is not easy and one that must be addressed time and time again. But again, this is the foundation to the road map for success for you and your family.

Creating the rules and boundaries within reason will prepare everyone for the rules and boundaries they will encounter in the 'real world'. From attending school to driving a vehicle to working your first 'real' job,  there are a set rules that must be followed. Preparing your children early on will create a happy and stable environment for them. It begins in the home from household chores to assigned bedtimes. The rules and boundaries will naturally differ for each and every individual but they must be in place.

Can you imagine living in a world without rules and boundaries? It would be complete chaos with nothing being truly accomplished. Sure it may be fun at first, no rules or regulations, no assigned bedtime or time to report to work or deadlines for projects or paying our bills. But honestly how long  can that truly last and would be be successful and happy in the process? Ultimately, in order for us all to succeed and achieve a happy and balanced life, the existence of rules and boundaries must be available and with those consequences must also exist.

Once the consequences are enforced, whether it is a pink slip at work, or a dock in pay or taking away of a favorite toy; these actions truly work. Are they fun? Absolutely not! Are they essential? A resounding YES!!!

Let's prepare not only ourselves for greatness and ensure we are on the road for success with clear and concise rules and boundaries and consequences if they are broken but let's prepare our children, family members and business associates  as well. It's natural and it works!

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