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Connie Arnold's Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor Story

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:48pm 1 Comment

Connie arnold

Here is my friend Connie Arnold's amazing story about her recovery. Don't forget about Connie's class tomorrow!

"In January of 2004, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, an aggressive large B-cell cancer. This is a cancer that develops in the lymphatic system. I was told this cancer could spread to almost any part of my body, including the liver, bone marrow and spleen.

When I heard the word cancer, I felt numb with disbelief and a paralyzing fear. The upcoming weeks were filled with tests and more tests.

As fate would have it, I learned about the macrobiotic lifestyle, a natural approach to health and sickness. "Macro" means long or great, "biotics" means life. An M.D. I knew who had a holistic approach to medicine explained that macrobiotics is an alkalizing way of eating when cancer patients are known to have an acidic condition in their bodies. I started practicing in January of 2004, eating fresh whole foods brimming with health-supporting qualities.

Three doctors' opinions prescribed 4 to 8 months of aggressive chemotherapy and 6 or more radiation treatments. The doctors urged me to start this treatment immediately. I decided not to do the chemotherapy or radiation and continued on the macrobiotic path. The most difficult part of my decision was to look at my husband and children's eyes and see the fear and disbelief. I knew in my heart it was the right choice for me. Over 4 1/2 years later, ongoing medical tests have found no evidence of cancer in my body. I thank God every day for my health and macrobiotics. Should you be looking for better health or facing serious illness, I encourage you to explore the possibilities.

Since I started the macrobiotic lifestyle, I have attended the "Way To Health" week as well as Levels 1, 2, 3 (currently enrolled in Level 4) at the Kushi Institute (in Becket, Mass.) to further my studies and understanding of the energetics of food and macrobiotic healing. My goal is to become a macrobiotic counselor and help others in the same situation I was once in.

I am teaching cooking classes in groups or private sessions by appointment. For more information, call me at (207) 247-5146."

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WOW, doctors think they know everything...thank God you didnt listen to them. Here is a great inspirational story of how my friends dad beat Non Hodgkins inspirational that a t-shirt company heard about him and decided to make a shirt inspired by his story
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