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Confessions of a Tongkat user: My experiences from using the natural herbal testosterone booster

Posted Nov 02 2012 3:05am

This article was intended for Male Readers Only. Written by me and about me, the GaiaHealthBlog creator, Doug Wallace, the points I make are for the sole purpose of health and wellness, but I have to "cut to the bone" in my expression on this subject matter. Women are welcome to read, but please don't be offended by how I throw this "boy talk" out there  :)

Tongkat is a natural herbal testosterone booster, used by both men and women only found in in Malaysia and the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. In the Far East, it is used for this purpose as well as many other healing purposes, known in the East as "The Tree that cures a hundred diseases". I'm always searching for that Fountain of Youth and loving the challenge of cheating father time.

I am on my third stent with Tongkat, after using it for brief periods of perhaps 3 months or so twice before, but failing to master this VERY POTENT herb. Albeit a safe herb used for millinea, it screwed up by sleep habits. The results of those failed attempts, however, were so incredibly awesome, it convinced me that I should not scrap the project, but keep trying. Any man who can master Tongkat, or as I call it "The Gat" will (arguably) resolve 80% of the issues of his life. I think this third time is a charm……………….I got this!!!!

Penis size does not shrink from using Tongkat or any other herbal natural testosterone boosters. I have to make this my first point or the average guy will stop reading right here. Penis size is, except for I suppose the elite 5% of the "overly well endowed", who I suppose got inches to spare, is analgous to a man's pension plan or 401K, in that you don't want those assets to dissipate into thin air for no reason.

There is a big difference between Tongkat and artificial steroids, human growth hormones, and all the rest the athletes are continuously being caught taking, Lance Armstrong being the most recent one to bite the dust, damn………….he was my hero. With artificial steroids, HGH, or external testosterone boosts, once your body starts getting it from the outside, it stops producing it on the inside, henceforce the "shrinkage", refer back to Barry Bonds, girlfriend's testimony at his trial.

That's the reason most of us are really not impressed with those insanely huge bodybuilders, like one bodybuilder a female friend in Cleveland told me that she slept with, he was on artificial steroids, she said that he was like a "well wrapped Christmas present in a huge box, but when you open the package, nothing is inside"

Tongkat, a.k.a. "The Gat" works quite the the opposite. You see, it's not that men actually lose testosterone as the years go by. It doesn't just fall out of your body like a balding head. As men get older, testosterone gets "bound", so to speak, think of it as being handcuffed and shackled to a post.

Tongkat is a natural substance that unlocks the natural testosterone already in us, and that testosterone thus becomes "available", or "Free Testosterone" as it is called and measured when you take a testosterone test. We all know that testosterone helps us get muscles and facial hair and so forth, so conceptually, increased available testosterone, [supposedly] has a tendency to contribute to a fuller sized penis and testicles and so forth.

I can't confirm Tongat increases penis size, because in the past I was not on "The Gat" for long enough in my previous 2 stents on the herb, my last 2 stents were about 3 months each. Plus I'm not the "grab a ruler and measure my penis" kinda guy. At this point, my penis kinda is what it is, all guys know where we are on the map after so many decades, so I will settle for my "decent" or "acceptable" status. Decent in that I suppose its at neither end of the bell curve, that is, those elite 5% that could get a job as porn star sight unseen, I call them the "Lexington Steeles", or those unfortunate ones who women will not return you calls after seeing that little thing once, not matter how nice of a guy you are.

My ex girlfriend used to call my penis "beautiful" (I wonder what name she would have given to Lexington Steele), a couple of other girls I dated gave it names like "Thor" and "Caesar" back in the day, so I conclude I was at least OK (no one named it "inchworm" or "sardine"). But like any guy I'm sure, if I can tack a little more onto my 401K and pension plan , then cool. Penis size and money, you always want a little more.…………..boyz will be boyz.

Okay, enough about my penis, guys don't even conversate with each other in a public bathroom, so we only to talk so much about that stuff, I'm sure you get my point. Anyhoo, I did notice when I was on "The Gat", that Tongkat was making me really ripped, I was starting to get a true 6 pack (normally I have a partially formed 4-pack),  not bad for someone who was in his late forties, to the point when I was looking in the mirror saying "Damn Doug not looking bad brotha". I was putting on muscle as well, but with my more slim body type, it's always a struggle to get a body like "The Rock" or someone like that, but I ended up with a "Usain Bolt" type of look.

Now fellas it is so true, that I got some insanely rock hard erections on "The Gat". This is perhaps the real reason all of this even matters to men, right? Fine, even if Tongkat cures a hundred diseases, some studies suggest Tongkat even helps prevents cancer, that's all fine and dandy, but what we really want a are rock hard erections!!!! I think if I asked women, they probably want for us what we want also.

I found out on my first stent on "The Gat" about 5  years ago, right before I broke up with my ex, she wanted that "one last time before we break up sex", what I call that "one last time so I can have your baby because you ain't getting away from me Scott free sex", although I know how to use the Rhythm Method better than women, you cant play a playa' baby.

I must admit that incident with Tongkat 5 years or so ago I was in no less than rare sexual form, I was literally killing it (said with romantic affection). I don't measure my penis, but I do still do the other stupid guy thing of timing myself to see how long I can go. I went nonstop for 4 hours and 11 minutes, we had to take a soda break,  chatted for two hours, went at it again for about and hour and 10 minutes about 3am, crashed for a few hours, I woke her up and we went at it again in the morning.

Went to "Moonraker" restaurant in the South Loop in Chicago for Sunday Brunch, came home, and went at it again. She told me a funny joke "Why can't a man be a prostitute? Because a man can't pull and 8 hour shift!!!". But she complimented me on my 8 hour shift that weekend. I was cracking up at how she wanted an evening session, but the next day was a workday, and Tongkat screwed up my sleep so the night would be rough, although well worth the scientific experiment for all of mankind. Success with incredible sex, the theory is working. What and herbalist I am!!! But, Tongkat was interrupting my sleep. Project Cancelled :(

Speaking of erections, in a period where I was not on Tongkat, when I was recently living in Portland, Oregon, I had 2 experiences with women where I had natural erections literally all night and into the next morning. I will explain why it's relevant to the subject here. Woman #1 was no less than flawless in body, perfect azz, decent sized breast implants (not my thing but hey, they were there), however I later found she was stuck on herself and as with most fine women extremely "self absorbed", self righteous, self centered, Self-ish, and self-bla bla-bla, and self-everything else…..That's the world we live in, but I don't even blame fine women, I blame men for giving them that power.

Now I know I ain't all that, but with some women, I can get up inside her mental fortress before she can get those guards up, and the first me and Ms. Implants hung out it was no less that magic, great vibe great conversation….. before her real self came out. But that first night I had an erection through the whole date and all that night. I wasn't on Tongkat at the time. She sent me home with kisses and letting me feel her up but no sex, you know how that works guys, let the guy see the merchandise so we can proceed to work our ass of for it. Pleeze………

Let call it what it really is. In essence it basically, "If you act the way I need you to act, then I'll give you your reward". You know the real reason men are dogs? Is because women try to treat them like little puppy-dogs, trying to make them obedient to every command, but the  puppies grow up to be wolves.

She picked the wrong guy for that however. It ain't the way I roll, but I can see why guys will smooze a woman "hit it" a  few times, and just dump her. Get the instant gratification without having to deal with that personality for any extended period of time. And the personality is partially developed from these same past experiences. As Bruce Lee called it, "One armed 'hassle' ". I simply refused to screw her, vagina don't control me, at least I'm in the 5% elite in that category, however unlike upper 5% with the huge penis, women don't care about my 5%. Best to pretend my 5% don't exist. To acknowlege our existence would dis-annull the fortress walls and suits of armour they have built up and defended their whole lives…..sigh

Bottom line is that in the natural state, I'm a healthy male who is totally capable for intense sexual arousal, but for me, it happens  only when I'm truly attracted to a woman through and through, not just the body, I'm into that "Booming body but super cool personality thang". And you all know how rare that is :(   That "Chi", that "Life Force", that real divine energy that flows through a woman and to a man, when that energy shoots through me, it will get me rock hard, like a bolt of lightning hitting the top of the Eiffel Tower.

But the real world is not so perfect like that evening with the girl with the implants, and that's where Tongkat comes in, but it's not like Viagra in any way, its an herb that rebalances the body without you having to plan when you have sex and make sure you have it handy, Tongkat is more of a natural way to always stay ready and good to go.

Seattle, Washington is nothing but one big town of boots, legs, thighs, hips and ass. And rain . Well I guess I could say that about any city I am currently living in, now that I'm back on Tongkat. But this is the vibe on my third, and I think and hope permanent stent with Tongkat that has me seeing my surroundings the way I currently do. I think I have finally mastered "The Gat".

Luckily, unlike most dudes, I got natural self -control, thankfully due to my allergic reactions to "self absorbed" women. It's a blessing or a curse I suppose, since 90+ percent of the women I meet are self absorbed. Actually, for me it's been 100% (minus 2 really nice girls) of the perhaps 25-30 women I met since leaving Chicago 4 years ago. Oh, make it three nice girls, there is this realtor in Seattle who showed me an apartment, simply beautiful woman, booming body, and is the most pleasant human being on the planet. What brothas call a "First Round, First Pick". Takes some kind of divine blessing to be that fine and not have it got to her head, but just radiate warmth and affection. I had to get her to tell me how she handled men on the street, since she has to get bugged all day. From Minnesota, that explains a lot. Can't mention her name because………….well I just can't.

Tongkat has given me a "male enlightenment" in Seattle. Tongkat gives a great sexual virility, but coupled with my coveted smooth laid back nature underneath, which allows me to casually and naturally be me. Strolling to Pikes Fish Market near my crib in Seattle, after one week on "The Gat", my head was on a swivel. It was like a hips, thighs and ass carnival, or some horror movie "Attack of the killer Seattle hip, thighs, legs, and ass sexual vixen zombies".

"I love the way you look in my eyes, swinging those hips when you pass, I'm visualizing my name tattooed on that azz baby. Jump on this Harley, let's go smoke some of that 'Bob Marley', sip some Bicardi, and let's go pull up at the after-party. I think we make a perfect couple but you think I'm trouble. Maybe that's the reason you gave me the wrong number. You got me thinking like, "maybe you the wrong woman". But if you think I'll be chasing a "chicken head", you on something"

I'm so not into hip-hop, but for whatever reason, all three times I've been on "The Gat", the words to the above song by G-Unit come to my head whenever I walk down the street and girls are around. Not sure why Tongkat does that, with that specific song, but I like that edge it gives me that doesn't interfere with my smooth laid back nature. Me, the perfect genetic specimen of a hybrid of the "Bad Buy" and the "Good Guy". Although, I'm  fiercely opposed to latch on and totally identify with either camp. Both camps are men's reactions to societal standards of how to present ourselves to women, just to get some ass. Screw that…………pun intended………………..

I haven't paid attention to my morning erections over the past few years, but I notice now how I wake up with my morning erections since I got back on Tongkat. I think I always had them my whole adult life, but now their like "up periscope" on a submarine. Reminds of the days back when I dubbed the term "EML", for "Early Morning Love". You know, like when you were 22 years old, could bone, bone , bone all night, and then wake up in the early morning and go again. 

This stent with with Tongkat is gonna work because I think I have mastered the issues with how Tongkat affects my sleep. I think my body is very healthy and in tune, so I don't need as much of the Tongkat as perhaps the next guy, who from his McDonalds burgers and beer and potato chips, might need more of the nutrients to slip through the junk in his body. I started this time with partial doses, 1/4 of a capsule, and am gradually building up and feeling out my unique dosage. Sleeping like a rock, and waking up with a penis like a rock. And that's the way it should be.

…….This stent with "The Gat" is here to stay…… true confession.

~stay healthy~

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