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Complete vegetarian protein?

Posted by Mark C.

I keep reading "protein isn't a big deal" for vegetarian or vegans in particular, and it is simply not true in my case. I became physically weak and had stopped going to the gym, only when I started taking carnitine did it seem to improve, but I don't want to be dependent on a supplement. I also seem to do o.k. with egg protein. So based on that information, does anyone know which foods I should be eating to get the right amino acids? I do recall reading that carnitine is made up of two aminos, methionine is one I think that are lacking in a vegetarian diet. I do not cook much but if I knew something simple like eat so much of this legume with this kind of grain I can follow that, I just need specific information rather than the generic "eat a variety of foods."
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veggie protiens. Although I am not a vegan, I do have a great recipe for hummus that is packed full of great proteins and antioxidents. It was given to me by a friend who is middle eastern and told me to eat it whenever I was starting to feel like a cold might be coming on because it has a lot of garlic and lemon juice! Here it goes: cook 2 cans of garbonzo beans with liquid from can on med for 20 minutes, then put them and half the liquid in a food processor or blender with all of the following ingrediants: 7 cloves of garlic 1 lemon juiced 1tbsp Tahinni (usually found in speciatly sections of grocery stores-definitly in places like Trader Joes also) 1tsp cumin 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil ---blend until desired consistancy dip veggies or whole wheat pita in it and enjoy
That is a great recipe! I love to use hummus as a protein because it is very yummy and my kids will eat it.  Hummus and red roasted peppers is a great dip also.
I never thought to cook the chickpeas first. I will give it a try. Thanks!
So cool!  Just last night, I made this!  I didnt use tahini in it though cause i dont like it.  I guess i used a little too much cumin cause my son complained.  In the can, the chick peas are already cooked, so i just put it in the food processor.  I put in some onion powder and garlic powder, and lemon juice and a little evoo.  I got the recipe out of South Beach diet book.  Usually i do put garlic cloves but it seems it is so strong unless i roast it first.  I also had some tebouleh with it, and cut up some pita bread and roasted it for chips.  I had it for breakfast today also.  Usually, i use regular olive oil, but i am out right now. I have been having cravings for junk and carbs lately, out of control. I dont have the cravings now.  This fills me easily without feeling overfull.  Sometimes i cook up some wheat berries and add the mint, garlic, lemon, onion, and olive oil.  That is really good and full of fiber, very filling, and makes my body happy!
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