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Coffee Makes For a Good Workout?

Posted by Dmitriy P.

Great news for Java Lovers - recent research disproves myth about negative effects of coffee.

You may have heard from most fitness experts and dietitians that drinking coffee before a workout may be detrimental to you; but new research shows that “there's no convincing evidence to support this recommendation”, says Armstrong (who published an article on the subject in the July issue of Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews).

A little bit of coffee may actually help fight mid-workout fatigue, without detracting from your workout. So next time you hit the gym, have a Cup-o’-Joe (just make sure to stay properly hydrated throughout your workout).

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I heard that too! Drink a cup or half a cup about 30 mins before your workout to amp yourself up. If you still don't feel like moving, you can try breaking up a run with sprints and the speed walking. That way you don't need to be continuously exerting strong cardio.
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