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Coffee, cookies, and thou...

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:04pm
Everyone is out doing something on this fine Saturday morning. Best Half and Eldest Son are at a Practice SAT (PSAT) session, and Youngest Son is at a church camp-out. I am, obviously, at my computer, with a satisfying cup of Tully's coffee with cream and EZSweets, and a small stack of luscious cookies .

Did I just hear an indignant screech? Yes, I said "cookies." Strawberry-banana Blitz, to be exact. (The Cocoa-licious ones were gobbled up last weekend.) Cookie-sized, with cookie taste and texture, these babies satisfy my wicked desires for carbage without triggering eating binges. They don't play havoc with my blood sugar, and I am thankful that someone out there took pity on us low-carbers and gave us back something that screams "comfort food."

In the past, I'd been known to bake a batch of chocolate-chip cookies and eat every last one of them. I think back on those days and cringe, now knowing what I was doing to my body at the cellular level. This product allows me to recapture the same pleasure without any of the carbage-induced illness, damage, or guilt. (Is it possible to feel guilty for not feeling guilty? I wonder...)

Check out the Yes! to Cookies website for more information.

The Bionic Broad out.
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