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Coconut Oil

Posted by Teresa J.

Coconut Oil is becoming popular. It is said to be helpful for:

Weight Loss (eg: increases metabolic rate)

Skin/Hair/Beauty (eg: prevents dandruff)

Viruses/Bacterial Infections/Fungus/Parasites (Kills some. Defends against others)

Chronic Fatigue


Body/Organs (eg: improves digestion)

Cancer (helps protect from)

Heart (is heart healthy)

Poor Circulation

Athlete's Foot


(not good for those with high blood pressure/hypertension)

Using it is as simple as replacing your regular cooking oil with virgin coconut oil. It seems that it is best to clean the liver before introducing "good oils" such as coconut oil though.

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I was at a dinner party and some women had coconut oil out. I asked about it and they just joke around,d, and they didn't really answer my question. So, thanks. Sounds great. I have seen more and more coconut oil on health food store's shelves lately too.
Exactly...Coconut oil is becoming more popular these days. 

Great job teresa, educating us about the essential oils. Hope you would continue doing this.

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