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Coconut Oil Coffee

Posted Apr 07 2013 7:56am

Coffee pot, blender, coconut oil, cream… what are we making today?

How to Make Coconut Oil Coffee

We’re making coconut oil coffee!

No, I have not lost my mind. Yes, I realize coconut oil in coffee might sound crazy, but it’s good!  You won’t believe it until you try it.  I sure didn’t.

I’d heard (read) about people putting coconut oil in coffee when I started reading about Intermittent Fasting a couple years ago.  I’ve been in love with coconut oil and all of its benefits for quite some time now, but the idea of putting coconut oil in coffee seemed a little extreme and frankly, sort of gross.

Coffee with coconut oil is coffee with staying power. I’ve come to find that a cup of coffee made with coconut oil and a little heavy cream (or half and half) gives me a nice, sustained energy boost thanks to the way  the body metabolizes the medium chain triglyercides  found in coconut oil.  Coconut oil is one of my favorite pre-run or pre-workout snacks (or before getting started with some housework, heavy duty cleaning or hauling laundry for 5 people up and down the stairs!)  Putting coconut oil in hot coffee is basically just another way to consume it.

A couple years ago I made an effort to become more adapted to using  body fat for fuel .  I started by consuming less sugar and fewer refined carbohydrates on a regular basis, and practicing intermittent fasting too.  Today I often exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (or sometimes after a cup of coffee if I’m waiting for the sun to come up) or a chocolate coconut oil cup if I feel a little hungry but want to wait to eat breakfast or my next meal until I’m done exercising.

I use to NEED to eat breakfast shortly after waking, or at the very least I had to have a small snack before a run (like half a banana or a date with nut butter) but this is no longer the case.  Exercising in fasted state is believed to help train your body to burn fat for energy , and fat is much cleaner form of fuel for your muscles than glycogen.  Once you’ve adapted to burning stored fat more efficiently , your body will burn a combination of stored fat and glycogen during exercise and you’re less likely to “bonk” because you’ve run out of muscle glycogen.  Even if/when your body fat percentage is really low, you never “run out” of body fat for energy.

In this way, I use coconut oil as a supplement.  As always, please remember I’m not a medical or sports professional!  This is all my own understanding based on my own reading and experience.  It’s up to you to do your own research and decide for yourself if this is right for you – but if you’re curious to know more, I hope some of those links above will get you pointed in the right direction.

Have you heard of bulletproof coffee?  It’s basically the same thing, except bulletproof coffee is made with butter and sometimes a little coconut oil too.  Even Dr. Andrew Weil agrees that bulletproof coffee made with butter and/or coconut oil can be a worthwhile experiment to see if it’s something that works for you.

I made a cup of coconut oil coffee yesterday before my morning heated power vinyasa yoga class. I prefer to do yoga 1 – 2 hours after a meal, and since my class was first thing in the morning, a cup of coffee with a little coconut oil was the perfect pre-yoga snack.

You’ll start with a hot cup of coffee.

Coffee Action Shot

And a tablespoon of coconut oil .  I’ve read some recipes that call for 2 Tbsp of coconut oil – but be warned that too much coconut oil at once can cause digestive upset if you’re new to it.  1 Tbsp works well for me.

Coconut Oil for Coffee

Yes, your coffee will have an oil slick – don’t be alarmed.

Coconut Oil Slick

Add a tablespoon or so of half and half or heavy whipping cream (or a 1/2 tbsp of each) and put in the blender.

Coffee in Vitamix

It’s a latte at home!  Coffee in the blender makes some serious foam.

Blended Coconut Oil Coffee Good to the Last Drop

There is a slight hint of coconut flavor to this – but I would say it’s subtle and is not overpowering.  I like coffee without sugar – but if you like your coffee sweet, I would use a calorie free sweetener like stevia (NOT an artificial sweeter!) to avoid releasing insulin, the fat storage hormone .  And if you’re not a coffee drinker, you could definitely replace coffee with hot tea.

Frothy Coconut Oil Coffee

Have you ever put coconut oil in coffee or heard of bulletproof coffee?  Why do you drink it?  What did you think?  Please share your experience for the bulletproof coffee newbies out there!

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