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Coconut Lemon Cream Fruit Snacks

Posted Jan 31 2013 7:29pm

I know, more fruit snacks?

I just can’t help it.

They’re easy and good, and awesome for you .

Side note: the Wine Fruit Snacks are still my favorite. I’ll let you know if that ever changes!

Coconut Lemon Cream Fruit Snacks

4 T coconut oil
2 cups coconut water
2 T maple syrup (I use Grade B)
1/2 t lemon stevia (add more to taste – I use NuNaturals)
juice of one lemon
1/2 cup gelatin (I use Great Lakes Kosher)

In a saucepan on low, melt the coconut oil, then mix in all ingredients except the gelatin. Add the gelatin 1 T at a time and mix well with a whisk (if you are too slow or put too much in at once, it will clump). I used the hand mixer with a whisk attachment.

Pour the mixture into molds or in a pan, and put in the fridge (this isn’t necessary but it speeds it up!).

I’ve been pouring my gummy mixtures into a baking pan and then once it is set, I use mini shapes/cutters to make the shapes. The molds take too long to fill for an impatient person like me. And if I’m not making it to show/give to anyone, I just cut them into squares.


These are definitely sweeter than I’m used to with the coconut water and the lemon stevia… but I love how the coconut oil made them creamy!


I’ve mostly been working… and I’m enjoying that a lot since it is primarily on fun projects.

And doing a lot of this…

pb cup and coffee...

Also, this. It looks gross but it was really good---coconut flour flatbread with buffalo chicken and blue cheese.

Also, some kitchen fails... well, not a true fail. There's potential for this, and I'll still eat it, but it's not perfect...yet!

I like it when my kitchen fails are at least edible… this one is, especially with butter!

Any plans for the weekend? I’ve got a few things going on, plus work and K’s bday. Plus, of course, #WineFriday!

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