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Clean Out Your Pipes (Colon)...Then Move On To Eating Healthy Nutritious Food

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:10pm

I can't stress enough the importance of regular colon cleansing . Just ask any man or woman over about 40 years of age who goes to a traditional physician...colonoscopies are now standard for everybody from that age onward.

Colon Cancer is deadly and increasingly common. But unfortunately it's not just the colon cancer that is a concern. Toxins lining the walls of the colon cause a myriad of other fatal diseases and many non-fatal ailments as well. Things like muscle and joint aches can be alleviated by regular colon cleanses.

When your colon is not clean, your body will be unable to fully benefit from
eating healthy nutritious food . Bringing the body into balance and making it ready to receive the good stuff you're trying to provide is akin to weeding your garden before you plant new seeds or seedlings. A new growth or plant that's put in an overgrown, messy garden is not likely to survive.

This topic goes hand-in-hand with what I wrote about in my last post. Because most people shy away from colon cleansing and shy away from the most beneficially healthy foods because of the stomach upset they experience when attempting to do those 2 things.

But honestly, if you ignore the problem of a dirty colon, it will not go away. In fact, it's only going to get worse.

The place for the most comprehensive info and testimonies of colon cleansing is .

Take a look at the photo that comes up right there on the first page. This is what that toxic waste that lines your colon looks like when it's eliminated! And this was from a young, active man in his 20's. Can you imagine if he'd have been 50 or 60 yrs old?

Dr. Natura's COLONIX that is the #1 colon cleanse product on the market. This site contains 100's of testimonies from users that will be such an encouragement to you.

I challenge you to be bold enough to go for it! Most users of COLONIX state that they don't even change their diets intentionally while on the cleanse, but when the old gets eliminated, they begin to desire eating healthy nutritious food instead of the old fare. They also testify that it's a very gentle process and they see results right away.

Merry K.

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