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Classical Pilates Technique The Complete Mat Workout Series English and Spanish Modified Basic Basic Intermediate Advan

Posted May 06 2010 3:26pm

Classical Pilates Technique The Complete Mat Workout Series English and Spanish Modified Basic Basic Intermediate Advanced Super Advanced

Classical Pilates technique videos feature two of the most renowned Pilates professionals in the world, master instructor Bob Liekens and commentator Alycea Ungaro, who uphold the tradition and high ideals of Joseph Pilates original New York City Studio, which began during the 1920s. This DVD serves to preserve the original, classical method in the face of current challenges. Each exercise is performed flawlessly, in real-time, and in correct sequence. If you already have a foundation in the principles of this exercise method, then this is the DVD to buy to further your ability. It’s not watered down, slowed down, or commercialized; it’s just Pilates the way Joseph Pilates created it.While there’s nothing flashy about this DVD, it is an invaluable tool (and the best) for those who are interested in more than the latest fad. Winner of the COMMUNICATOR AWARDS- 2003 AWARD OF DISTINCTION As a winner of this award Classical Pilates Inc. joins an exclusive list of video professionals who are recognized as the best within the industry.

5 Stars The best there is!
I’ve had this DVD for years, and nothing comes close in offering a quick and effective pilates workout. The production quality is nothing spectacular (setting is a studio with a curtain backdrop), but the quality of the moves will make up for it. It’s quick, and in 10 minutes I’ve worked my core more than ANY other DVD I’ve tried. And I’ve been around the block!

I wish they would release an updated version – just something more fresh for those of us who have been following this for so many years.

There is not much time spent on explaining the poses, so it might not be suited for an absolute beginner.

5 Stars Worth owning
Beautifully demonstrated dvd, exercises demonstrated with clear precision and skill by all performers. Any pilates teacher can learn from this dvd and should own it!

5 Stars Satisfied Customer
Each section is short (about 12 minutes) but very effective. Because it doesn’t take long to do, I find myself doing it once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This definitely gets you started if your not use to working your midsection, or “powerhouse”, and helps maintain a strong “powerhouse” while concentrating on form and breath.

5 Stars Excellent Efficient Workout
I bought this DVD for the purpose of strengthening core muscles to help improve my mountain biking skills and also to alleviate lower back pain and increase flexibility. I perform the “advanced” exercise routine (about 20 mins long) two days a week with results beyond what I could have ever expected.

Yes, the video does move fast. Yes, you will break a sweat while performing these exercises. And … yes, you will obtain results.

I recommend the use of a thick (~5/8″) closed-cell foam mat while performing these exercises, particularly if you are doing them on a hard surface.

The DVD is scalable to your particular ability level, which is useful when starting out. You can ratchet up the levels as you become more proficient. I have yet to attempt the “super advanced” level yet … maybe one day.

3 Stars Short, not for beginners, not for inflexible people
The product description says “If you already have a foundation in the principles of this exercise method, then this is the DVD to buy to further your ability.” Take that to heart. I began pilates with six months of private lessons, and then decided to move on to my own mat work to save cash. So I have the foundational skills. That said, I am very inflexible. And there are only a few select moves I can do past the Beginner stage of this DVD.

I am giving this DVD 3 stars because it is woefully inadequate in my opinion.

What it does well
+ Includes progressively more difficult exercises that strictly follow Pilates classical techniques.

What it does not do well
1. Never explains which muscles you are engaging or why

2. Never explains core breathing or movement (such as pelvis, shoulder, and other areas that are supposed to move in a certain way when breathing or executing exercises)

3. Other than the Modified Basic, has no instruction or guidance for people who are not very flexible

4. Has relatively few exercises for beginners. There are many more things that you can do that are not shown on the video, which would be considered classical techniques.

For me, this all said, the DVD has some value. I do use it. But I use it in conjunction with other DVDs that I own.

My advice for others
+ If you have never tried Pilates, skip this DVD… instead try Stott Pilates Standing Tall which spends 30 minutes explaining core movements in a very patient manner.

+ If you are a beginner or intermediate, and have no instructional videos for mat work, you can get this… but just know that the instruction is limited to the exercises you should do… and not how to do them correctly or why.

+ If you are advanced intermediate to advanced… honestly cannot provide guidance as I’m not familiar enought with your needs.

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