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Cinco de Mayo

Posted May 07 2009 9:22pm

Good Evening!

It has been a long, long day and I am totally whipped! The Teacher Appreciation yoga went well, except for the fact that I had to be gone for 2 1/2 hours at traffic court. I could not believe how long it took for a 5 minute meeting with the prosecutor. I waited an hour just for my name to be called and then just when I was so excited to go upstairs, I find out that I get to sit for another hour upstairs... it was pretty amazing.. but it gets better... I then get to have my meeting that literally takes 5 minutes and then I get sent back downstairs to wait in line to pay my fee. Wow!

The long and short of it, is that I have to pay the fine but it will not go on my permanent record unless I get a ticket between now and August 5th. Yah!

The kids and I then headed to our Kids In Motion class that happened to be small but fun! I was starving by that took the kids and myself for an early dessert to Yogurt Planet. How I love that place! Yum! I had the usual-- Tart Yogurt with fresh fruit and a sprinkle of Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Seeds. We decided to get Emmet and Zoe's teachers a gift certificate to Yogurt Planet for tomorrow's gift. Good Idea!

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo- I made a Cinco de Mayo Taco Salad.

Cinco de Mayo Taco Salad

Romaine Lettuce
Shredded Rotisserie Chicken
Black Beans
Match Stick Carrots
Red Onion
Grape Tomatoes
Baked Tostitos Scoops filled with
and a few more crunched into the salad
Sprinkle of Smoked Goat Cheese

Dressed the salad with salsa, which gave it a nice kick!

Very good salad! I have already eaten dessert for the day so am going to start getting the kids ready for bed and then myself!

I am all out of the skin products that I use and am in search of something new... if anyone has any suggestions I would love it! Let me know.

Have a great evening!
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