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Chunky Veg and Pasta Soup

Posted May 14 2009 5:01pm
A slow change caused by awareness is occurring in supermarkets, at least noticeable to me. Store shelves are beginning to fill up with more whole grain options. At one point, over a year ago, I had to go out of my way to buy and stock whole grains like ragi, found only in select stores. Now I find these available almost anywhere. Same can be said about processed whole grain options such as pasta.

Some two months ago, I was just browsing around in a local supermarket store and much to my delight I found whole wheat pasta at a reasonable price. It is not that there weren't any healthier options before, it is just that the available ones were imported and too highly priced to be worth buying. I finally found pasta, made of whole wheat and easy on the wallet.

I've since made pasta with sauce a couple of times but because pasta can tend towards a rather bland taste and since our more spicier Indian palate tires easily of it, I recently added it to a vegetable soup as a variation.

The pasta in question is fusilli, the corkscrew shaped one, my favorite in terms of visual beauty of food, where pasta is concerned.The recipe is extremely easy and one of the best ones to make at the end of a tired day, or after a day of heavy indulgence on your tummy when you just want to end the day with something refreshing but light on digestion. This is how I made it:

I roughly chopped a choice of vegetables including:

  • half a medium-sized carrot, sliced as half moons
  • one onion, finely sliced
  • a handful of spinach
  • half a kohlrabi, in large chunks
  • just about any veggie that takes your fancy, especially ones you want to get rid of from your refrigerator

I separately cooked al-dente about half a cup of whole wheat fusilli pasta in boiling water with a drop of oil and a pinch of salt. I drained this and kept it aside.

In a pan, I heated about half a teaspoon of oil and fried the onion slices for a few minutes. I then added couple of drops of dark soy sauce, just for its richness of flavor; just a splash, otherwise the taste gets too strong.After stirring this into the onions, I added half a cup of fresh (or frozen) green peas and sweet corn kernels. I poured a cup of water at this stage and let it simmer for a few minutes as it takes longer than the other veggies to cook.

When these were half cooked, I added the rest of the veggies: carrots, kohlrabi and finally the spinach at the end. I let these simmer till their tastes blended well into one another. A cup or more of water or vegetable stock may be added to adjust the consistency at this stage. I then added requisite pepper and salt and stirred some more.

Pasta was added at the end and I turned off the stove, letting the soup rest for a bit, allowing the pasta to steep into the veggie juices. I served this with a side of toasted bread.

This is my entry into theJFI: Wheatevent hosted by Roma. This is also my entry to theSWC: Soupsevent hosted by Neha of Tasty Recipes.

Soups have become a favorite culinary item for me, especially the healthy nourishing varieties. A few other entries for the SWC: Soups event include:
Updated March 12th:
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