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Christmas Pepper and Pea Potatoes

Posted Nov 05 2012 11:44am

New Meal Plan !  I know some of you look for the meal plans we post every weekend for ideas.  Instead of writing a blog post for the meal plans, we are going to keep them under the top tab titled: Meal Plan to avoid having the same thing in fifty different places around here.  I'll remind you it's there every Monday though!  Check out and print the meal plan for this week here .

 It seems like some people in the diet world want to demonize the potato! What a bummer!  We certainly aren't afraid of potatoes in our house. In fact, potatoes are great to include in a balanced diet!  The trouble comes when kids only know potatoes in the form of potato chips and french fries. But there are so many other amazing ways to prepare potatoes! Plus, potatoes are a good source of

  • Vitamin C and B6 (Vital for building brain cells in kids!)
  • Folic Acid!
  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Manganese
  • and Tryptophan  (which is being shown to calm anxious kids!)
  • (Source: WH Foods -best book ever!)

My mother in law just got back from Idaho and brought us some potatoes straight from the ground. No middle men, and no sitting in cold storage for an unordinary amount of time.  So, we've been eating those up and they are almost gone.  We made what we called "Christmas Potatoes" that gave our potatoes the best flavor you could imagine!  I love this, because it can be for breakfast or dinner!  And although we call it a "side dish", our veggie side dishes come in equal portions to our "main dish", helping us to have a balanced meal!

The Steps

 Anyone can make these potatoes!  We used frozen peas, one red pepper, and a few, medium sized potatoes:

 We chopped the potatoes and pepper into little pieces.

And then Sauteed everything in a skillet.

Then we seasoned them with salt and pepper.  We love this, because it's not common to enjoy vegetables for breakfast, but these taste great at breakfast time, served with some fruit, eggs, and toast!

Another variation that my husband made this weekend, was he sauteed the peppers and peas together and added them to mashed potatoes!  SO DELICIOUS!

Those were perfect with some leftover chicken, some whole wheat noodles and some apples.

Don't wait for Christmas! We just like to call them Christmas potatoes because they are red and green, but you can enjoy them today of course and give your kids some benefits from that Vitamin B6 and Trytophan!

The Printable Recipe:

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