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Christmas Breakfast Bagels

Posted Dec 10 2012 8:14am

Well, it's official. After years and years of my children (and husband) begging for a dog, I finally gave in!  It was intended to be a Christmas present, but she was ready to leave her mom a week ago, and we couldn't exactly hide it.  My kids were beyond excited!  So, meet our newest member of the family, Honey! She's a labradoodle, and my husband promised me she won't shed, so we'll see!  Anyone have one of these breed's and find yourself vacuuming constantly?

But, I have to admit, although I'm not a dog person, Honey is too adorable to resist! Who knows, she just might be the animal that turns me into an animal person!

Now on with our idea of the day: Breakfast bagels.  I had to recruit my adorable nephew to help me with this recipe, and he had a great time. Jam on bagels is delicious, but it's expensive to buy jam without sugar. Our solution has always been to puree some fruit and use it as jam.  Although it comes out more of the consistency of applesauce, it still works great as a spread.  

Step 1

We took one bag of frozen strawberries (with no sugar added to the strawberries), and defrosted it.  You don't want to use them frozen, or you will have a smoothie instead!  We also drained it of all the water after it defrosted so it wouldn't be too runny (and that strawberry juice we drained can be added to any fruit juice!! It was super sweet and yummy)

Step 2

We toasted some mini whole wheat bagels and spread some light, spreadable cream cheese on them.

Step 3

We added our strawberry puree to a squeeze bottle (we use s queeze bottles a lot around here ) and decorated our Christmas Bagel Ornaments! We added pieces of kiwi to the ornament topper as well.



 Not only are these ornament bagels fun, they are super delicious!

Let us know if you try it!

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