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Choosing Natural--Eating Healthy Nutritious Food with the URI FEAST

Posted Apr 30 2008 11:01pm

We all have our "pet" foods (usually some kind of junk food). To be honest with you, mine is ice cream.

Granted, your taste buds have gotten used to the usual unhealthy fare. But this is not impossible to change. It's quite easy to reverse that pattern. After all, you didn't learn to walk except by taking one step at a time and after a very short while you were accustomed to the new "thing".

I want you to begin looking at an analyzing food in this way, "Am I eating something that is in it's natural state?" and "How far from natural is this?"

Back when my eyes were opened to this new paradigm, 13 years ago, I would walk around the grocery store while asking myself these questions. That was a sort of test I used to either qualify or disqualify my potential purchases. Funny enough, I found that when I stuck to this model, I noticed that I would end up shopping the perimeter of the store and many aisles I never even needed to go down. Many products will be marketed as "All
natural ingredients". How true is that? Sometimes it IS in the case of unsweetened applesauce. There's not a whole lot of un-natural ingredients to add to that. But when I am talking "natural" I am referring to the natural state of a food. And when you think of it that way you bring yourself to this list of naturals:


Now believe it or not, this is the food that we were created to live on as fuel for our body.It's so simple. We don't need to complicate our lives and compromise our health with food "products" that are a poor substitute for real food.

These products lack real
nutrients and are usually NOT nutritious. Nutrients in foods are found when the foods maintain their natural state. Cooking and processing changes real food into "filler" that cannot deliver nutrients. It fills the hole, and leaves us ever searching for more. It simply cannot satisfy your nutritional needs.

I personally believe that
raw food is best. This is the primary reason that I am eating healthy nutritious food with the URI FEAST. I do not eat a totally raw food diet. I probably eat about 90-95% raw and 5-10% cooked, though I am always striving towards keeping it as raw as possible. And because of THE FEAST from Uri International, I no longer struggle to get my 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. In fact, I am getting somewhere around 15 servings a day (sometimes more) since adding it to my daily routine. When I am on the go and don't have time to eat well or on the road where no nutritious food can be found, I shake up a couple of scoops of THE FEAST in water and there's the nutritional equivalent of about 8 servings of fresh, raw fuits and vegetables - plus seeds, nuts, and sprouts. Doing this, I'm able to keep on track with my healthy living goals.

I am not telling you that you will not be healthy if you don't eat all raw food.
Nutritious eating begins with easy, practical changes that affect your way of living as well.

So here's a challenge for you...Try starting your day with
fresh fruit and water. In the morning, your body is ready to break-the-fast (breakfast). Slamming your system with pastries, non-nutritious cereals, or breads is harsh to your body. About an hour later, you can eat a whole grain cereal and some nuts (I'm not talking about the ones in a can that leave your fingers greasy). Go to a health food or whole food market and buy different kinds of raw nuts (not roasted, just raw).

You can choose to be healthy. You're NOT destined to just get by and live out an existence. Truth is out there to be found. How badly do YOU want it?

Merry K.

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