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Choose Natural Health Drinks Instead of Soft Drinks

Posted Apr 18 2011 9:30pm
Here are several ways that soft drinks are destroying the health of many Americans, and why natural health drinks are better for the body.

Soft drinks are like a diuretic, robbing the body of valuable hydration. A healthy dose of water is required just to process the high levels of processed sugars and acidic ingredients in sodas. To fully hydrate, 8-12 servings of water are essential for each and every soft drink consumed. Conversely, health drinks made with natural ingredients actually aid the body in the absorption of water.

The high sugar content in soft drinks can cause the pancreas to secrete an overload of insulin, leading to blood sugar imbalances. This is especially noticeable after a meal that is high in simple carbohydrates from things like bread, pasta and desserts. Constant spikes of sugar and insulin can eventually turn into diabetes. This is a big problem for growing children.

Kids will be happy with natural health drinks that have a real fruit flavor. Fortunately, a Google search for natural health drinks will reveal some flavorful options. We're not talking about those artificially enhanced vitamin waters or candy-colored sport drinks, but health drinks including real whole foods , like fruits and herbs.

Soft drinks are so very acidic that they have been known to leach aluminum from their own cans when sitting in storage too long. Alzheimer patients who have been autopsied reveal substantial levels of aluminum in their brains. Soft drinks have been used to remove rust from a car bumper or other metal objects. It's not hard to visualize the destruction they can do in the digestive tract as well as the rest of the body, including the brain.

Be observant and you will see the various ways that these bubbly little beverages are destroying the health of many well meaning individuals, and why natural health drinks are far better for the body than soft drinks.
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