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Chocolate Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

Posted Mar 18 2010 12:00am
I finally feel like a semi-normal person again! Yesterday I was super tired all day. Normally on Wednesday's I wake up and do some type of strength training in my living room, (usually No More Trouble Zones, Jillian Michaels) but I was just so exhausted from Parent Teacher Conferences. I slept in a little bit and then woke up like a zombie. I made it through the day because it was St. Patrick's Day and my kids were all in good moods. They were adorable about the Irish Soda Bread and couldn't believe I actually made it myself (they say that about everything I bake them!) They also said "OOOOhh SODA, when I told them what it was called. School went pretty fast between math test prep and ELA test prep. 

After school I was headed to the gym and then decided to go straight home. I just could NOT go to the gym on a beautiful day like yesterday. I wanted to go for a walk and headed to the park and trail by my house. Once I got going I decided to walk for 2 minutes, run for 2 minutes for about a half hour. I usually don't run 2 days in a row, but I just kept an easy job going because I was feeling it. 

When I got home I started making dinner, which was pan seared tuna , brown rice for Danny and a mix of sweet potato and butternut squash fries for Danny and I. I also made a little escarole, chick pea, red onion and mushroom stir fry. (Oh and I made my own take on eggplant bacon.) I like a lot of veges for dinner if you couldn't tell! 

For dessert Danny had a gigantic chocolate milkshake (as you can see) and I had another one of my new ice cream concoctions. 
 Tonight it was half a banana (that's all I had left :( ), strawberries, dark cocoa, and cacao nibs. I think this ties with PB chocolate banana ice cream.

Chocolate Strawberry Banana Ice Cream
1/2 banana (or more)
5-7 frozen strawberries (slightly defrosted)
2 tsp dark cocoa powder 
a handful cacao nibs

Blend together the banana, strawberries and cocoa powder with an immersion blender. Top with cacao nibs and enjoy every single last bite!!

I have a question for you all. I, obviously, am a teacher and after meeting with some parents I have a controversial question. How do you feel about putting kids on meds for ADHD or emotional/mental issues? Do you feel like it is a quick fix? Does anyone have any experience with the Feingold Diet? I am so interested to hear what you say! I want to hold out on my opinion for now, to see what you think first!
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