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Chocolate Milk: Muscle Nectar? Weight-Loss Secret? Neither.

Posted May 07 2011 10:03pm

Pick up any fitness magazine and you will see the virtues of chocolate milk extolled away, often times classified as the best thing you can drink after a workout. Over the past few years, chocolate milk has even been touted as a heart-healthy beverage (alas, a careful reading of the studies proves otherwise ).

For some odd reason, a May 2010 article titled “The Chocolate Milk Diet” penned by Men’s Health editor-in-chief David Zinczenko was shared by a handful of people on my Facebook feed today.   I should note that despite having no background or credentials in nutrition science or health, Yahoo! Health identifies Mr. Zinczenko as a “health expert”.

If you are a new Small Bites reader, you should know that I have my share of pardon the pun beef with Men’s Health (for their ridiculous attacks on soy , their mixed messages , their condoning of ice cream, soda, and beer following a workout , and for the horrible underlying message behind their popular “Eat This, Not That” book series ).

This particular article gushes endlessly about the many virtues of chocolate milk, mainly weight loss and muscle-building.  Although I shared the article on Twitter earlier today (prefacing the link with “Today’s daily dose of nonsense, courtesy of Men’s Health“), I felt the need to explain, in detail, my frustrations with it.

These sorts of articles irritate me to the extent they do because not only are they are read by millions, but they are presented as legitimate, objective, trust-worthy nutritional science, when that is not always the case.

Now, let’s tackle this piece bit by bit.

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