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Chocolate Attack!

Posted by Leah W.

Although my entire immediate family is very much overweight, I'm the only one trying to do anything about it right now. I do my best to encourage healthy eating and sometimes it works! The problem is, my mom still comes home from the grocery store with Swiss Cake Rolls. During normal daylight hours, I can resist things like that. However, when those late night chocolate cravings attack, it's like I'm not in control of my own body! I know that sounds silly, but it is SO hard to walk away from those cookies or cupcakes and the accompanying glass of milk. It doesn't matter if I brush, floss and swish with Listerine before bed. Even shamefully admitting my late-night indulgences in my food journal so I have to look at it doesn't stop me from doing it the next night. Help! How do I calm these cravings and ignore the chocolate?
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Try battling sugar cravings by getting more fruit into your diet. That has worked for me in the past. I understand this scenario, but for me it's corn chips! Late night chip attacks.... not good.

Sometimes it is hard to avoid giving in to cravings. I would ask your family, for the sake of your health and their own, to stop buying those types of snacks all together. For a while my family tried that, and while it was difficult, it worked. We'd ask ourselves, while we're really craving a [insert snack food here-for me it was usually chocolate too], do we really want to go out and drive to buy it? By the time you think about getting dressed from pajamas to street clothes, hopping in the car, and driving to the store, your craving may just slip away. If you're still hungry though, try fruits or veggies-or even a low fat, low-calorie snack.

Another way I handle chocolate cravings is just by keeping one bar of chocolate in the house. If I really want chocolate, I'll eat just one small piece. Hershey bars are separated into little squares. You'd be amazed how much one piece can do to satisfy a craving, believe me, I was!

Try doing a detox. Indian Fire Tree Bark (TEA) does the trick. Did for me. You can order it from an online company called Clear Water Herbs. Here is the link that you can copy and paste. It costs $19 for a bag of it.

-Christy D. secureshop/ Show_Product.asp'shop=clearwaterherbs&group=NUTRIT%20A-L&item=INDIAN

Let me try that again. Once you get to the sight click on Online Store, then click on Nutirional supplements A-L. It is called Indian Fire Tree Bark.

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