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Chiropractic Care and Autism

Posted Apr 26 2013 10:02pm
Chiropractic and Autism

As a Chiropractor, I am always researching and found an interesting article autism and wanted to share the information with you. This particular article mentioned how Chiropractic care may help children with Autism. Well, that sparked my interest because I know many who have children with this condition and find themselves helpless and truly nowhere to turn.

This article was written by a world-renowned chiropractor for children, Dr. Joan Fallon. She stated that more and more parents of children with developmental issues were seeking out chiropractors. She believes, as I do, that many times children with developmental issues, especially children with autism, experience sensory integration problems.

Sensory integration disorder is defines as ‘the disorganization of the multi-sensory input into the body.’

People who suffer from disorder have profound and often debilitating difficulty with touch, taste, smell, sound or visual input. Which means they have difficulty processing incoming sensory information.

So for instance, when in a mall or at a playground, most of us have the ability to block out sounds and conversations that occurs around us. However, a child with sensory integration problems has difficulty filtering out the noises effectively, so it all comes at him/her all at once.

Dr. Fallon believes that Chiropractic can help children with these problems, because Chiropractic care can get to the root of the problem by helping correct the imbalances in the nervous system. Imbalances in the nervous system are caused by ‘subluxations’ in the spine. 

Let me add a bit of anatomy into the mix. The spine stems from the brain and is encased by bone called the spine or spinal column. The spine has many, many nerves that branch out to all the different organs within the body. When a vertabrae, one of the bones that makes up the spinal column, is out of alignments aka subluxated, it will impinge the nerve. The nerve is then not able to send out the messages to its organ efficiently.

Chiropractors correct ‘subluxations’ in the spine. What are ‘subluxations’? It is when two or more segments in the spine with the disc between are misaligned or has lost its proper position. Subluxations can cause numerous problems in adults and children. As Chiropractors, we determine the areas of subluxations, misalignments and with very light force and proper technique help to position the vertabrae to its proper position. When subluxations are corrected, the body is brought into alignment and able to maintain the integrity of various systems within the body, including the nervous system.

Much more research has been done offering hope for children with autism. Chiropractic care believes that healing of the body comes from within. We as chiropractors, maintain the spine in alignment, therefore allowing your body as a whole to function at its optimum level. We have seen children with these same conditions improve tremendously with Chiropractic care.

Give Chiropractic a chance as well as a child with autism a chance to live a symptom-free and healthier life.

Call your family Chiropractor today.

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