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Child Athletes plus {Halloween Meal Plan}

Posted Oct 28 2012 10:29am

After exposing your kids to a variety of sports and physical activity, they eventually find what they love, right?  In the last few years, this transition has absolutely taken place in our home.  When they were young, we always signed them up for the sport of the season. Each kid had one activity, mostly to keep them active, but also, so they could decide what things they could do to stay active that they would truly love.  They all figure it out at different ages, but they do eventually decide.  

For TJ, my 9 year old and die-hard-will-play anything athlete, his sport of choice is 100% soccer.  He definitely excels at it.  His size (small) makes it perfect for him and he's super fast! 

For Nate, he has found that he loves running.  He joined every sport we signed him up for, without complaint, but team sports really isn't his thing. He's our music and academic star.  He would rather study and play an instrument than kick a ball around.  So, we were thrilled last year when he signed up for track.  Yesterday, he ran his first half marathon with me, and he did awesome!

My Erica (11 years old) started Ballet this fall.  She was my soccer girl, until she started watching Dance competitions on T.V.  Last night was her first performance, and I've never seen someone so excited!  She was literally glowing when it was over.  She has started dance late for today's culture (she's almost 12 years old), but she definitely chose that one for herself, and I wasn't going to stop her.  

One of her favorite shows is Dance Mom's.  We usually fast forwards the banter of the mom's, and get right to the dancing.  No matter what you think of that show and the mom's, if you've ever watched it, you would fall in love with those talented little girls.  They definitely love their sport, and it's obvious! One of our favorite dancers has got to be Chloe!  I had the opportunity to chat on the phone with Chloe Lukasiak  this week, and ask her a couple of questions about her life and diet!  Of course, Erica was thrilled I got to chat with her. This is what she told me:

What is a typical breakfast for you?   Cereal and bananas, sometimes a breakfast bar.

What do you generally eat for lunch? Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich, carrots, celery, broccoli, and a yogurt.

What is your favorite dinners?  Usually a meat, like pork, steak, or chicken plus vegetables.

Since you are so busy, do you eat out a lot?  Not when we are home, only when traveling.  My mom usually prepares the meals when we are home.

What do you drink to hydrate for all your exercise? Only water, I never drink pop.

Is there any food you don't like?  Pizza!  (crazy, right?)

How do you balance your life?  I get a lot of stuff done in the car on the way to practice, like change clothes, do homework and eat dinner!

Do you have any advice for little girls who want to dance?  Work hard and practice a lot.  Don't let anyone get you down.

Background:   Chloe began taking gymnastics, jazz, ballet, lyrical, and modern dance at the age of 2, and has already been awarded national titles such as “2012 National Miss Small Fry” from Dance Educators of America and “2011 Junior Miss Dance PA” as well as most recently being awarded “Elite Dancer Junior Division” in the West Coast Dance Explosion Pittsburgh, PA.

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One Eyed Monsters with Orange Slices

Hummus Snakes and Spinach Spider Wraps

Monster Eyes

Witches Brew Stew


Ogre’s Oats

Frankenstein’s Triple Decker Delight

Carrot Pumpkins in Dirt

Broomsticks and Brains




Pumpkin Pancakes

Monster Sammies & Franken-kiwi

String Fingers and Celery

Chicken Chili in Pumpkins


Skeleton Slushies

Pizza Mummies

Pumpkin Party Mix

Black Rice and Sweet Potatoes



Toast with Apple Slices and Yogurt

Peanut Butter Banana Dogs

Dried apples and almonds

Hot Sandwiches

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