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Posted Feb 28 0011 12:00am
Home >> Ingredient of the Week >> Chickpeas

Some call them garbanzo beans, others call them chickpeas, or Indian peas, and while the Italians call them ceci beans, I just call them delicious.

These little legumes just might be one of my favorite foods. I buy them canned by the case at Costco and keep a stash of dehydrated ones on hand just in case I run out. I love them on top of a salad, smashed up into a patty, blended into hummus, roasted and toasted, plain or salted, pretty much any which way.  Me and the chickpea? We’re tight.

Like most legumes, chickpeas are revered for their high fiber content. Two cups of these babies provide 100% of your recommend daily fiber content! They’ve also got a pretty solid dose of protein, over 14 grams per one cup. Because of these assets, throwing a few chickpeas into whatever you are making is a great way to up your nutritional game.

Gill and I are looking forward to sharing some of our favorite ways for eating these delectable legumes this week.

Meanwhile, how do you like to eat chickpeas?

And out of curiosity, let us know what you call these fancy legumes by responding to our poll:

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