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Chicken and apples

Posted Feb 13 2012 8:44am

I remember plenty of mornings Kyle and I would have breakfast together and he would eat salmon, tuna, beef, chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt. You name it, he ate it. He didn’t care what time of day it was or what meal it was supposed to be. If he wanted something he just ate it. Quite honestly, I couldn’t wrap my head around not having my usual cereal bowl, yogurt, or eggs every morning.

For the past month I have been mostly eating eggs for breakfast, specifically egg whites. I get bored trying to find new ways to incorporate eggs into my daily breakfast and my body is so used to having eggs every morning now, I’m not feeling satisfied anymore. 

Personally, not feeling satisfied leads to mindless eating, poor food choices, or just feeling grumpy. 

This morning, I had some left over chicken and a few apples. I have seen a recipe floating around for cinnamon apples and chicken, and I became kind of interested. I went with it.


  • 1 apple (I used royal gala because no honey crisps were available. They were a little to soft for my taste)
  • 1-2 tsp oil
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 4-6oz chicken


  • Peel the apples and cut into bite size pieces
  • Heat the oil in the pan
  • Places apples in the pan, stir until they become soft
  • Add cinnamon, stir some more.
  • Throw in the chicken and let it hang out together in the pan for a few minutes. My chicken was precooked so I did not have to do any of that cooking the chicken business.

I know I hear excuses “but I don’t have any time in the mornings!” This literally took 5-6 minutes with precooked chicken. It was quick.

Changing things up can be really good for your body and your mind and even if you don’t like it. It really only is one meal. Your oatmeal, yogurt, bananas, cereal, smoothies, or eggs will still be there tomorrow morning. 

Yes I also realize my directions for cooking are subpar. I have a pretty lazy attitude when it comes to writing recipes, I just make it taste good.


When was the last time you had something different for breakfast?


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