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Chia: food of Aztec Warriors, and food for me, The Modern Day Warrior

Posted Aug 07 2012 3:01pm

I had both Chia and Salba on my superfood list for a couple of years, but as with so many superfoods I research, I can only bring in so many, only those that I can consistently eat every day.

I just brought Chia into my "dream team" daily nutrition lineup recently, though unplanned, after perfecting my recipe for flax wraps, or pitas, or whatever we call our homemade tortillas these days.

I read a few things about flax affecting estrogen levels, my research was inconclusive, but I felt it best temporarily scrap the flax wraps. I read that you can substitute Chia for any recipe containing flax.

 I include my recipe for Cinnamon Honey Chia Pitas (sounds cooler than Chia wraps) at the bottom of post

I had tons of info in my "healthy food folder" on Chia on my computer, and I don't want to list it all here, but  a few of the benefits if Chia include:

Supports Heart Health, one of the highest known plant sources of essential fatty acids, Stabilizes Blood Sugar, Energizing, Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Weight Loss, Detoxification and Elimination, High Quality Protein, Antioxidants, Provides Fiber and Other Nutrients, Brain Power (via EFA's).

You're on the web, Google up the Health Benefits of Chia, pretty amazing stuff!!!!

I am most intrigued by the historical significance of Chia, and how I can benefit from  Chia's nutrient profile, which supposedly allowed Aztec Warriors could survive on nothing but a handful a day (my keen ability to find truth or falsehood in what I read of history, it "seems" that is a true fact about Chia and Aztec Warriors, even the Spanish wrote of it's high potency, so much that they outlawed it). Having a still "relatively" brutal workout regiment, especially on workdays which in and of itself drains physical and mental energy, I'll see how much Chia will give me that "Modern Day Warrior's Edge".

So far, it's giving my body that positive "vibration" I always talk about in great superfoods. I'm also starting to add to my daily power smoothies to make sure I get some raw. I try to eat new superfoods consistently for several months to see how it affects the body. I'll keep you posted. Below is my current recipe for Cinnamon and Honey Chia Pita's. They are a little thicker than the photo but most importantly they don't break apart when rolled up. They are actually VERY good, especially after filling with eggs, spinach, sweet bell peppers and drizzling with honey. Vibrant tasting with a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey. I don't do "healthy but bland tasting". If I don't enjoy all this healthy eating, what's fun is that ?

Cinnamon and Honey Chia Pita's

makes one large pita or two smaller ones

1 pasture raised egg (this egg is for the batter, I scramble another egg or two for the filling of eggs, veggies, and honey)
(I have seen recipes for them without eggs, I think they make a batter and dehydrate, but I'm quite comfortable with quality eggs, I have optimum cholesterol scores.
Read more here )

1/2 teaspoon baking powder
pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon (or to taste)
1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg (or to taste)
1 tablespoon Coconut Oil (and more to coat skillet)

1 tablespoon water
1 teaspoon vanilla or walnut extract
3 tbsp of milled/ground Chia Seeds (can substitute with ground flax if you want but I'm staying away from flax until I learn more about Men and Estrogen levels from flax, I have read both positive and negative stuff and can't draw conclusion)

For sweetener I use either:

1 tbsp. Birch Tree Xylitol Sweetener (AVOID TOXIC ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS read more on sweeteners , or if using stevia, make sure it is not laced with toxic ingredients, and make sure it is real stevia. read more on stevia .)


Soliga honey or other quality honey such as Manuka , avoid cheap honey , defeats the point (I prefer the honey over Xylitol, but my Soliga is expensive and I don't like to cook the honey and kill the nutrients, plus I drizzle Soliga Honey in the filling)

(note: you may not need any sweetener at all, but my first pitas were a little bland without the cinnamon, vanilla extract, Soliga Honey, and nutmeg, none of which were in the original flax pita recipe that I started this creation from)


Pretty simple to make, whisk together all ingredients in bowl except Chia Seeds. I add Chia last so I can adjust the thickness of mix. Mine is kinda halfway between thick and thin. You'll get the feel for it over time. If like me you want a wider pita, It did not work to make a thinner batter that spreads out more in the skillet. What worked is to keep the mix moderately thick but thin enough to pour. Pour full  mixture in pan lightly coated with coconut oil. After side one cooks, flip like a pancake. With the spatula, evenly smash the pita and the batter will spread to a bigger, thinner pita. Flip a few times until both sides cook in 4 minutes or so.

Currently I am filling the pita with a scrambled egg, spinach, sweet bell peppers and also I drizzle some Soliga Honey (that honey makes it awesome!!!!). This is going to replace my daily oatmeal and eggs, since I don't wanna eat grains everyday anymore, and it allows me to get some more raw veggies in (never can have enough). Will also work to make some wraps for lunch to take to work. There are endless combinations of things to fill them with, I can't wait to experiment.

I made a stack and threw in fridge. Chia Pita is also pretty awesome as a snack by it self by removing from fridge, heating up in skillet or oven, and dipping in a saucer of olive oil that is sprinkled with Pink Himalayan Salt and Organic Coarse Ground Black Pepper. Tasty and quite filling !!!!!

~stay healthy~

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