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Chew Your Way Through!

Posted by C.L. R.

Has anyone else given any thought to the concept behind chewing your food thoroughly? In our fast paced society, I certainly had forgotten the old adage (wait - I've still forgotten it!!!) to chew your food so many times or whatever at the table. But the fact is, your mouth is your first area of digestion. The mouth starts breaking down your food so it can be fully digested in your stomach and part of that is the chewing process. I've been chewing on a walnut piece now for like, a minute and my original intent was to just gulp it down. But I decided to take it slow and I'm realizing part of the reason we eat so much of everything is that we really don't take the time to chew and properly enjoy it. Anyhoo. Chew on that.
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Yes, I remember hearing about an Italian, WW I or II, prisoner who was given one piece of bread and watered down soup a day in the mornings, like all the other prisoners at the prison camp. This Italian would save his bread all day by chewing his food for a very long time. He actually stayed healthy while his cohorts chewed up the bread quickly and hungrily and got sick, some died. In theory, if you chew your food thoroughly, 150 chews per bite, the saliva is efficiently added to aid in digestion of the food because there are properties, enzymes, in the saliva. Thus, all the nutrients of the food is assimilated by the body through the digestive tract. One is healthier by this process. Where in the heck to do you find the time to chew that long?
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