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Cherries for Heart Health

Posted by Heather J.

After getting promising results from experiments with rats, University of Michigan scientists say they're preparing for a clinical study of whether eating tart cherries can help people reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes. During the experiments, lab rats were fed a diet including 1 percent by weight powdered tart cherries. After 90 days, those rates had lower cholesterol and blood sugar than rats that didn't get cherries. Rats fed the cherries also had less fat stored in the liver, lower levels of a type of cell damage called oxidative stress and increased production of a molecule that helps the body handle fat and sugar, the researchers said. The study suggests the factors are affected by high concentrations of antioxidant compounds found in tart cherries, the scientists said. A Michigan team soon will begin a clinical trial to determine whether a diet rich in cherries would have the same effect on people. Sound promising; with this in mind, consider eating a diet rich in dark, leafy greens and brightly colored fruits and vegetables.
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I keep dark red frozen cherries in the freezer for a quick snack or to add to yogurt. I keep diried ones to add to oatmeal cookies instead of raisins. Yummy!

I completely agree with what you say about the tart cherries. By the way I actually drink a spoon of Monmorency Tart Cherry Juice that helps me to have full night's sleep and wake up feeling wonderfully rested and energetic. Check this out:

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