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Chefs Choice 830B WafflePro Classic Belgian Waffle Maker

Posted Aug 14 2010 11:47pm

Chefs Choice 830B WafflePro Classic Belgian Waffle Maker

Deep-pocketed Belgian waffles cook in 90 seconds or less with this 1100-watt WafflePro from Chef’s Choice. The waffle maker’s unique Quad Baking System allows a choice of texture, color, aroma, and flavor for each individual waffle. No longer just a breakfast treat with maple syrup, waffles on the crisp side make a perfect dessert when paired with ice cream, while kids love moist brownie waffles for an after-school snack. Recipes are included in the user guide.

A rocker switch lets you choose between a faster baked waffle with a crisp exterior, moist interior, and heady aroma, or one cooked more slowly with a uniform texture throughout. The color control dial offers individual preference ranging from light golden brown to dark brown. Each 6-1/2-inch round waffle is quartered, allowing it to be divided easily between hungry kids or served as wedge-shape `cookies.’ The WafflePro also features nonstick plates and an overflow channel that wipe clean, a floating hinge to maintain even baking over varying thicknesses, and a beeper that sounds five times when cooking is done. Green and red baking lights make the whole procedure a snap. The cord wraps neatly underneath and the maker stands upright for compact storage. The waffle maker measures 8-1/2 by 9-1/2 by 3 inches and comes with a one-year warranty. –Ann Bieri

5 Stars amazing.
this is the best waffle maker that I could find the best reviews on. They were all correct. this thing is awsome. I love it

1 Star Best Choice?
The Chefs Choice 830B Waffle Pro is NOT the one to choose if you make waffle after waffle, and need 6 or 8 at a time! We found it makes a good waffle, but only one at a time – you have to let the thing rest to reheat enough to bake another waffle, OR you get poorer and poorer quality waffles. After you remove the cooked waffle, close the lid and let it sit for a minute or two until it beeps. THEN spray it with food release spray and pour in more batter. On my day off, I make a couple dozen this way, let them cool thoroughly UPRIGHT (in a toast rack) then freeze them for later. If you let the waffles cool completely, stack them between parchment paper in a zip lock bag, they freeze so well they taste “just baked” a week later (in the microwave.) Toasting them, or heating all of them at once in the oven also works. (If you don’t cool the baked waffles completely, until they are dry, they get SOGGY no matter how you store them.) Waffles also make a handy dinner during the busy Holiday Season! We recommend Arrowhead Mills Pancake and Waffle Mix. Its an excellent buy on Subscribe and Save! Arrowhead Mills Pancake & Waffle Mix, Buttermilk, 2 Pound Bags (Pack of 4).

PS: IS very easy to clean up this WafflePro!

3 Stars lasted one year
Bought this waffle maker in feb ‘09, now putting it into the trash and looking for another one. We used it every sunday to make ~6-8 waffles and it worked great, but by now the teflon has worn off and things just stick like hell. Seems these things last about a year at this rate no matter what you buy…

5 Stars Chef’s Choice 830B
We love it! We have had one for over 10 years and when I purchased it for my wife she thought I was nuts. She changed her mind after using it, and it’s been great for us and our children. Over the amount of time we have had it, it has had 2 problems. I actually don’t remember what they were but when we checked with Chef’s Choice they told us to send it in. Both times we did and received either ours back fixed, a reconditioned one or a new one. It wasn’t obvious but they took care of us. We just inquired, no threats of what we thought they “should or shouldn’t do” and Chef’s Choice treated us like we all expect customer service to be like.

When my parents were attempting to make waffles one day with one they had received for a wedding gift 62 years ago it was exactly what I remember from my childhood – unfortunately. We had to scrape the waffle out of the unit. I brought our Chef’s Choice 830B to them, and dad had waffles almost everyday for 3+ months until he passed away and they loved the machine.

The grandkids got grandma a “new flip one” for Christmas so we could get ours back. Well after trying it out, grandma asked if it was ok to keep ours. She really likes and appreciated the fact that it has not only an “Indicator Light”, but also a short “Beeping tone” to let you know when the unit it up to temp. Then once you pour in your batter the unit again not only gives you an “Indicator Light” but also a short “Beeping tone” to let you know your waffle is done. It you want it done a little bit more, that’s easy. My wife would give it another 30 seconds or so after the beep and then take it out.

The new “flip unit” only had an “Indicator Light” to tell you when it was ready to use, and again only an “Indicator Light” to tell you when you waffle was ready.

For anyone that is like my mom or my wife, there are things to do like setting the table, getting juice or coffee and/or heating up the maple syrup while the waffle is cooking. My mom and our family don’t have time to just stand there watching for the “Indicator Light” to come on for these things. A short “Beeping” tone is great.

So we let mom keep ours and yes we bought a new one for ourselves. Being mom, she told us to take the “new” one and she would keep the one she has there. And for the last couple of months continues to use it, and still enjoy the waffles her and dad liked to share together.

4 Stars Makes great waffles
This is an excellent, easy to use waffle maker. Simple cleanup. The only drawback is that the waffles are not classic Belgian waffles, in that the waffles are not as deep as Belgian waffles should be. Having said that, the quality of the waffles are fine. I like the options which allow for changing the degree of interior softness and exterior crispness.

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